The Avengers

Season 2

S02:E01 - Mr Teddy Bear
The greatest assassin in the world is a worthy opponent for Steed, but he and Cathy find that "Mr. Teddy Bear" knows many tricks, all of them deadly...
S02:E02 - Propellant 23
The police hunt Steed while Cathy, on the trail of a mysterious package, confronts the people who will kill to keep its secret...
S02:E03 - The Decapod
Steed and Venus find "The Decapod" just as murderous as his namesake - the ten-armed sea monster.
S02:E04 - Bullseye
When Steed buys Cathy the directorship of a company involved in arms smuggling, he knows he may not see Cathy, or the money, again....
S02:E05 - Mission to Montreal
Dr. King takes a luxury cruise to look after a famous film actress whom Steed suspects of espionage!
S02:E06 - The Removal Men
Steed arranges for Venus to sing at a Riviera nightclub - which happens to be a meeting place for professional murderers.
S02:E07 - The Mauritius Penny
Steed and Cathy Gale find the world's rarest stamp is the key to an evil and fantastic plot.
S02:E08 - Death of a Great Dane
Steed and Cathy turn to practical jokes to discover who is conjuring with the Stock Market - and why a man ate diamonds...
S02:E09 - The Sell-Out
Steed hunts an informer only to find that he himself is suspect no. 1!
S02:E10 - Death on the Rocks
Murder in Hatton Garden - and Steed and Cathy learn that diamonds are no longer a girl's best friend...
S02:E11 - Traitor in Zebra
Steed joins the navy and Cathy makes artificial rubies to help track down a saboteur.
S02:E12 - The Big Thinker
Steed sends Cathy to visit Plato - the world's most advanced computer - and they discover that the machine can remember a murderer.
S02:E13 - Death Dispatch
A murder without reason? A diplomatic mission in jeopardy. Steed and Cathy go 8,000 miles to find a clue.
S02:E14 - Dead on Course
A murder without reason? A diplomatic mission in jeopardy. Steed and Cathy go 8,000 miles to find a clue.
S02:E15 - Intercrime
Intercrime - crime's answer to Interpol - leads Steed to a shooting gallery and Cathy to prison.
S02:E16 - Immortal Clay
Steed and Cathy go to the Potteries in search of an unbreakable cup.
S02:E17 - Box of Tricks
Steed persuades Venus to join a vanishing act, with remarkable results.
S02:E18 - Warlock
Are there witches? Do magic spells have any effect? Steed is out to explode the myth. He enlists the help of Cathy Gale and they have to fight for their lives.

Season 3

S03:E01 - Brief for Murder
Steed is tried at the Old Bailey for the murder of Catherine Gale.
S03:E02 - The Undertakers
Steed meets an undertaker, Cathy joins the millionaires.
S03:E03 - Man With Two Shadows
Steed hides from himself, Cathy is ordered to kill him.
S03:E04 - The Nutshell
Steed hunts a traitor, and finds himself fighting Cathy.
S03:E05 - Death of a Batman
Steed is named in a will, Cathy goes into big business.
S03:E06 - November Five
Steed buys a fi rework, Cathy stands for Parliament.
S03:E07 - The Gilded Cage
Steed masterminds a robbery, Cathy is framed for murder.
S03:E08 - Second Sight
Steed fights in the dark, Cathy exposes a millionaire's precious light.
S03:E09 - The Medicine Man
Cathy takes a Turkish bath to help Steed prove the value of good soap.
S03:E10 - The Grandeur That Was Rome
Steed attends a Roman orgy, Cathy is offered as a human sacrifice.
S03:E11 - The Golden Fleece
Steed hunts a modern day Robin Hood, Cathy joins the Army.
S03:E12 - Don't Look Behind You
Steed takes a country drive, Cathy endures a night of terror.
S03:E13 - Death a La Carte
Steed turns Chef, Cathy tries to prevent a murder.
S03:E14 - Dressed to Kill
Steed is quick on the draw, Cathy becomes a highwaywoman.
S03:E15 - The White Elephant
Steed tracks a white elephant, Cathy hunts big game.
S03:E16 - The Little Wonders
Steed joins the clergy, Cathy follows a headless doll.
S03:E17 - The Wringer
Steed is sentenced as a traitor, Cathy helps to brainwash him.
S03:E18 - Mandrake
Steed pulls crackers to help Cathy unearth a grisly racket.

Season 4

S04:E01 - The Town of No Return
Steed finds a town of ghosts, Emma gets put into harness.
S04:E02 - The Gravediggers
Steed drives a train, Emma is tied to the tracks.
S04:E03 - The Cybernauts
Steed receives a deadly gift, Emma pockets it.
S04:E04 - Death at Bargain Prices
Steed fights in ladies' underwear, Emma tries feinting'.
S04:E05 - Castle De'ath
Steed becomes a strapping jock, Emma lays a ghost.
S04:E06 - The Master Minds
Steed becomes a genius, Emma loses her mind.
S04:E07 - The Murder Market
Steed seeks a wife, Emma gets buried.
S04:E08 - A Surfeit of H20
Steed plans a boat trip, Emma gets very wet.
S04:E09 - The Hour That Never Was
Steed has to face the music, Emma disappears.
S04:E10 - Dial a Deadly Number
Steed plays bulls and bears, Emma has no option.
S04:E11 - Man-Eater of Surrey Green
Steed kills a climber, Emma becomes a vegetable.
S04:E12 - Two's a Crowd
Steed is single minded, Emma sees double.
S04:E13 - Too Many Christmas Trees
Steed hangs up his stocking, Emma asks for more.
S04:E14 - Silent Dust
Steed watches birds, Emma goes hunting.
S04:E15 - Room Without a View
Steed becomes a gourmet, Emma awakens in Manchuria.
S04:E16 - Small Game for Big Hunters
Steed joins the natives, Emma gets the evil eye.
S04:E17 - The Girl From Auntie
Steed almost outbids himself, Emma is a bird in a gilded cage.
S04:E18 - The Thirteenth Hole
Steed finds a bogie, Emma gets a birdie.

Season 5

S05:E01 - From Venus With Love
The Avengers put the zap on a lethal ray that is murdering scientists.
S05:E02 - The Fear Merchants
A cut throat businessman gains the competitive edge by murdering his rivals.
S05:E03 - Esacpe in Time
A time machine sends Steed and Mrs. Peel into the Tudor past.
S05:E04 - The See-Through Man
Steed and Mrs. Peel battle an invisible man.
S05:E05 - The Bird Who Knew Too Much
A flock of birds leads the Avengers to a secret espionage ring.
S05:E06 - The Winged Avenger
Steed and Mrs. Peel try to trap a comic book killer.
S05:E07 - The Living Dead
The "ghost" of a dead Duke comes back to haunt his successor.
S05:E08 - The Hidden Tiger
Evil animal lovers devise a purr-fect plan to take over the world.
S05:E09 - The Correct Way to Kill
Something evil is afoot at a gentleman's academy.
S05:E10 - Never, Never Say Die
A wandering corpse leads the avengers into top secret terror.
S05:E11 - Epic
Emma plays the starring role in a film about her life ...and death!
S05:E12 - The Superlative Seven
Steed is deserted on an island with a mystery killer.
S05:E13 - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station
The Avengers investigate murder aboard a train.
S05:E14 - Something Nasty in the Nursery
A school for Nannies is linked to stolen defense contracts.
S05:E15 - The Joker
An old enemy lures Emma to a deserted house for adeadly game of cards.
S05:E16 - Who's Who ???
A double switch turns Emma and Steed into enemy agents.
S05:E17 - Return of the Cybernauts
Killer robots target Emma and Steed for death.
S05:E18 - Death's Door
The deadly dreams of top British delegates begin to come true.

Season 6

S06:E01 - The Forget-Me-Knot
Steed becomes a traitor, Emma passes the torch to Tara.
S06:E02 - Game
Steed plays 'super sleuth', Tara is the prize.
S06:E03 - Super Secret Cypher Snatch
Steed plays 'what's wrong with this picture', Tara becomes a file clerk.
S06:E04 - You'll Catch Your Death
Steed shops for stationery, Tara goes for a check-up
S06:E05 - Split!
Steed thaws out an old adversary, Tara is his next brain trust.
S06:E06 - Whoever Shot Poor George Oblique Stroke XR40
Steed seeks the equation for a murder, Tara becomes an American.
S06:E07 - False Witness
Steed isn't double-crossed by a colleague, Tara doesn't find the secret in the milk.
S06:E08 - All Done With Mirrors
Steed is under arrest, Tara is all wet.
S06:E09 - Legacy of Death
Steed inherits a large extended family, Tara reveals her foot fetish.
S06:E10 - Noon Doomsday
Steed and Mother share a handicap, Tara faces Steed's nemesis.
S06:E11 - Look- (Stop Me if You've Heard This One) but There Were These Two Fellers�
Steed becomes a vaudeville comic, Tara takes up silly walking.
S06:E12 - Have Guns- Will Haggle
Steed makes a bid to buy arms, Tara comes with the package. LOOK - (stop me if you've heard this one) BUT THERE WERE
S06:E13 - They Keep Killing Steed
Steed is the spy who would not die, Tara has too many of him.
S06:E14 - The Interrogators
Steed acquires a new musical taste, Tara gets grilled for a recipe.
S06:E15 - The Rotters
Steed gets a piano lesson, Tara dodges the axe.
S06:E16 - Invasion of the Earthmen
Steed takes Tara as his second wife, Tara takes a giant leap for mankind.
S06:E17 - Killer
Steed gets a new partner, Tara gets some R and R.
S06:E18 - The Morning After
Steed and a foe face a bomb threat, Tara takes a long nuclear winter's nap.