Golfing With Animals

1 hr
Golfing with Animals is a film about a paradox! The paradox is, that there actually are wild animals and plants in manmade environments, close to humans. The habitat may seem tame but the law of the jungle is always in use amongst those animals that live there. The survival of the fittest is obvious for those creatures that live in an apparently safe and tame environment. Is a golf course a wildlife environment? We are turning the expression wildlife upside down. The purpose is to show an artificial environment as wildlife. Golfing with Animals show the habitants and guests (except humans) you can meet in a man made habitat and that it can be very rich of species. In the film we meet conflicts in a no-mans-land but also that humans and wild animals can coexist in peace. We have chosen to use a golf course as an example. An environment that is wilder than expected! Golfing with Animals is told from an entertaining and humoristic angle. Through the view of the animals looking at the game of golf and its partici