Lionsrock - Return of the King

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In February 2008 a unique wildlife reserve of 1,250 hectares was established around Lionsrock, SouthAfrica, with the aim of returning lions and other big cats to the land of their ancestors. Most are fromEurope, from rundown zoos or circuses, removed to dubious holding pens like the dilapidated Panterabig cats asylum in the Netherlands. From here a rescued lion family are sedated and air-freightedto a perfect savanna landscape, where for the first time they can be released, free, into their naturalenvironment. This heartwarming and joyful portrait of Lionsrock with its dedicated team also featuresostriches, weaver birds, ground squirrels and other African wildlife sharing the natural habitat wherethe lions ancestors once thrived. And for the first time on TV this film shows root canal treatmenton Kongo, a majestic lion male!
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