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Bram Stokers Legend of the Mummy

(1998)1h 40mR
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From Bram Stoker, the creator of Dracula comes another thrilling tale of an ancient Queen, her awakening spirit and relentless obsession to live. Unspeakable acts of terror begin the night that Egyptologist Abel Trelawny's body is found lying next to his most prized possession, the ancient mummy of Queen Tera, with his right arm savagely torn in seven strange cuts. The Trelawny mansion is adorned by hundreds of ancient treasures taken from the Egyptian tombs. Among these artefacts are explicit instructions from Trelawny to his daughter: "If I am mysteriously stricken, I must not be moved from this house. I must never be alone". What is the power of the mummy? What does Queen Tera want? Why are violent and terrifying deaths happening to innocents caught between the battles of two strong wills? Only an ancient ceremony in this terror-filled house connects these questions. This wrapped Queen has been hidden for a quarter of a century, but now her secrets are spilling out.
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