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Shadow Island Mysteries: Last Xmas

1 hr 32 min
In The Last Christmas Claire’s grandfather, Raymond La Foret has summoned the entire La Foret family to Shadow Island for a Christmas reunion. Raymond taught Claire everything she knows about puzzles so Claire is expecting the occasion to be filled with fun-filled games. However, on Christmas Eve, Raymond announces that he is dying and that since this will be their last Christmas together he has constructed a special game especially for the occasion, “The Jean La Foret Memorial Puzzle”, dedicated to Claire’s mother who died five years earlier on Christmas. The rules are simple: whoever solves the puzzle will inherit the entire La Foret fortune; the losers will get nothing. To make matters more complicated, Raymond La Foret suddenly dies mysteriously. Claire finds a note reading, “End the game before something happens.” Since Claire is the puzzle expert it falls on her to figure out what her grandfather’s game was designed to reveal…perhaps a murderer.