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The Independent

(2000)1h 25mR
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With 427 films like Twelve Angry Men and A Baby, The Man With Two Things, and The Heart is A Strong Muscle, Morty Fineman (Jerry Stiller) has made audiences laugh, cry, think, and feel. But now he's broke, and must turn to his estranged daughter Paloma (Janeane Garofalo) to help find a way to save his company. The Independent is the story of one man's struggle for a little bit of recognition. It's filled with interviews from Morty's celebrity friends, clips from his thirty years of films, and a cinema verite camera which follows Morty and Paloma as they try to find the money to help him complete his latest work, the socially conscious semi-erotic thriller, Ms. Kevorkian. The Independent is filled with great performances, and finds its way into your hands as the result of the settling of a lawsuit with a now-defunct, terrible little independent film distributor, the ugly details of which we are contractually unable to revisit here. Enjoy!
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