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Scheme with Me

(2015)1h 32mPG
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In the early years of the Republic of China, warlords, warfare everywhere, people are destitute. In the casino "walk" of the small Laoqian Chen Shaoqing owed underworld boss Lin Xiaodong a hand, in order to keep the hand, Chen Shaoqing forced a financial road obediently offer. And with Lin Xiaodong find pretend to be a long fat trick to cheat the "eight faces" and hiding in jail to support their later years of "immobile stone Buddha" two rivers and lakes giant cheat. Do not want to be a master of the two trick was actually a rival, a pinch will be dead and alive. Chen Shaoqing to say the secret of wealth, the original is prepared to buy the Northwest warlord Wang Marshal a train of gold. Although the huge profit current, but the grimace and stone Buddha is still incompatible. Helpless, Lin Xiaodong in accordance with the rules of the rivers and lakes to draw the road, the two presided over a street fighting. Ghost face Buddha on the streets above the show, in order to capture the grimace desperate detective fat Tang also joined the chaos fighting, and other people will be disturbed on the beach. The final Buddha to five cents gap between the win, and the grimace also harvested to an assistant - stealing skilled girls dumplings. Thieves, old thousand, bully, triad. In order to get together the gold several people design to obtain the Japanese escort plan, accordingly, stone Buddha came up with a trick to deceive the sea. "But I also think, from Xi'an to Xinjiang, the only railway built in the liberation, the Republic of China without railway history, I do not know whether there is biased" A few people to the western embarked, but accidentally encountered all kinds of changes: just arrived in the western town, heel has not yet stood firm for Wang Marshal collapse of the gun; finally survived, but why they encountered Horse bandits Jin Sanniang, and this gold Sanniang and a tendon took a fancy to the stone Buddha, have to figure to promise; secretly, the small town of a group of trouble-stricken people are also staring at this group of foreign visitors, The removal of fat Tang thousands of miles away to catch up with the town, will face the ghost to justice. Of course, the most skeptical is that grimaces and stone Buddha does not seem to just come from that gold.
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