Sailor Moon Crystal

Season 1

S01:E01 - Act.1 Usagi - Sailor Moon
Eight grader Usagi Tsukino is a little clumsy at times, and a bit of a crybaby. Luna, a black cat with a crescent moon on her forehead, gives Usagi a miracle brooch.
S01:E02 - Act.2 Ami - Sailor Mercury
Through an unexpected turn of events, Usagi becomes close with Ami Mizuno, a genius girl with an IQ of 300. But there's something odd about the students at Ami's seminar...
S01:E03 - Act.3 Rei - Sailor Mars
Disturbing rumors about the Sendaizakaue bus swirl all around Usagi. Amid the rumors, Usagi meets a beautiful shrine maiden with black hair named Rei Hino.
S01:E04 - Act.4 Masquerade Dance Party
Usagi has learned Princess D from the Kingdom of D, biggest resource-producing country of precious stones, will exhibit her legendary secret treasure. Suspecting it might be the "Legendary Silver Crystal", Usagi sneaks into the embassy of Kingdom D.
S01:E05 - Act.5 Makoto - Sailor Jupiter
All of Juban Middle School is talking about the "cursed bridal shop", where every man who visits is said to disappear. Just then, a tall girl with superhuman strength, Makoto Kino, transfers to the school!
S01:E06 - Act.6 Tuxedo Mask
Tuxedo Mask has been reported to have committed many crimes to obtain the "Legendary Silver Crystal". Luna and others are convinced he's the enemy, but Usagi can't believe it…
S01:E07 - Act.7 Mamoru Chiba - Tuxedo Mask
Usagi learns Tuxedo Mask's identity is actually Mamoru Chiba. Meanwhile, brainwashed people in Usagi's town wander around looking for Sailor Moon.
S01:E08 - Act.8 Minako - Sailor V
The one who saved Sailor Moon was actually Sailor V. Sailor V aka Minako Aino heads to the Tokyo Tower to settle things with Kunzite but…
S01:E09 - Act.9 Serenity - Princess
While trying to protect Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask loses consciousness. Out of sorrow, Sailor Moon awakens as Princess Serenity.
S01:E10 - Act.10 Moon
Sailor Moon and the others have landed on the Moon to solve the mystery of the Legendary Silver Crystal. There they meet Usagi's mother from a previous life, Queen Serenity.
S01:E11 - Act.11 Reunion - Endymion
Appearing before a devastated Usagi is a man who looks just like Mamoru but goes by "Endo". Usagi sees traces of Mamoru and thus approaches him…
S01:E12 - Act.12 Enemy - Queen Metalia
Sailor Moon learns that Mamoru has become a soldier of the Dark Kingdom. She decides to take on Queen Beryl in an effort to get Mamoru back, but…
S01:E13 - Act.13 Final Battle - Reincarnation
To end the painful journey, Sailor Moon stabs Mamoru with the holy sword before turning it on herself. The two fall to the ground, and are sucked in by Queen Metalia.
S01:E14 - Act.14 Conclusion and Commencement - Petite Étrangere
Sailor Moon stands up to destroy Queen Metalia, who radiates a tremendously dark energy. The power of the "Legendary Silver Crystal" is finally released.

Season 2

S02:E01 - Act.15 Infiltration - Sailor Mars
Usagi and the others try to figure out the identity of Chibi-Usa, the mysterious girl who fell from the sky. Meanwhile, at Rei's school where the school fair is taking place, a new enemy has crept in.
S02:E02 - Act.16 Abduction - Sailor Mercury
When Rei is abducted, Usagi begins to doubt the identity of Chibi-Usa. Meanwhile, Ami is challenged by a mysterious woman at the World Chess Conference.
S02:E03 - Act.17 Secret - Sailor Jupiter
Usagi and the others try to locate Ami and Rei. Seeing this, Mamoru's underclassman Ittou Asanuma demands to know Makoto's identity.
S02:E04 - Act.18 Invasion - Sailor Venus
Minako sneaks into a channeling session to communicate with people in other dimensions. There, she learns the channeler is Calaveras the Medium of the four Spectre Sisters!
S02:E05 - Act.19 Time Warp - Sailor Pluto
Usagi and the others decide to go to the 30th century, where Chibi-Usa came from. Waiting for them there is the solitary Guardian Sailor Pluto.
S02:E06 - Act.20 Crystal Tokyo - King Endymion
Mamoru's future self, King Endymion, appears before Sailor Moon and her friends. He reveals a shocking fact about Planet Earth in the future.
S02:E07 - Act.21 Complication - Nemesis
Captured by Dimande, Usagi loses her transformation powers. Meanwhile, Chibi-Usa feels helpless and goes to see Sailor Pluto.
S02:E08 - Act.22 Hidden Agenda - Nemesis
Usagi tries to escape the Black Moon Castle. She arrives at the "Malefic Black Crystal" reactor, where she finds Dimande's younger brother Saphir.
S02:E09 - Act.23 Covert Maneuvers - Wiseman
Sailor Moon and the others continue their search for Tuxedo Mask and Chibi-Usa. But Wiseman's covert maneuvers had already begun…
S02:E10 - Act.24 Attack - Black Lady
Sailor Moon and the others are stunned to learn Chibi-Usa's real identity is Black Lady. And finally, Wiseman's own identity is revealed.
S02:E11 - Act.25 Showdown - Death Phantom
Upon contact with the "Legendary Silver Crystals", it was Sailor Pluto who saved the world from destruction. As Black Lady watches Sailor Pluto lose her life…
S02:E12 - Act.26 Replay - Never Ending
Death Phantom radiates an enormous dark power. Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon take a stand and release the power of the "Legendary Silver Crystal".