Mrs. Cop 2

Six years, she put away an innocent person by mistake and her prosecutor husband’s betrayal made her leave for the U.S. She returns after six years and catches the real murderer. However, an even bigger enemy awaits her. The murder case that took place on January 27th, six years ago, changed Goh Yun-jeong’s whole life as a cop. She arrested the taxi driver as the murderer of the passenger. The taxi driver was found guilty and convicted. However, when she came home, she found crucial evidence sent by the real murderer. She insisted on a reinvestigation but her husband who was a prosecutor got rid of the only evidence saying that the result cannot be reversed. The only hope of catching the real murderer was gone and thanks to her husband who took care of everything to hide the truth, the case was closed. Every day she was ridden with guilt. Meanwhile, the police was setting up plans for her to take the fall for all their mistakes. Her husband had her transferred to work overseas trying to protect her and so she headed to the U.S. but not giving up in her heart. Six years later, she is back in Korea and browsing through cases similar to her past murder case every day. An unsolved murder case of a woman in her twenties on Jan. 27th catches her attention. She is convinced that it is the same murderer from six years ago. However everything about the case points to a young businessman named Lee Ro-jun. Everyone agrees on going after him, but she is of a different opinion. She cannot make another innocent person become sacrifice. With help of Lee Ro-jun, she succeeds in catching the real murderer, but she a bigger evil awaits her.
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