My Love, Madame Butterfly

It’s hard when you’ve tasted fame and fortune – and the idolatry that come with it – to see it disappear before your very eyes. Nam Na Bi knows very well the life of being a very popular actress with swooning fans and fan cafés at every turn. Lee Jae Woo, chief marketing officer for a major department store that uses Na Bi for endorsements, has had to deal with the arrogant, haughty actress for many years, making his job and his life complicated. But now in her mid-30s, Na Bi finds that she is starting to develop more anti-fans and her popularity seems to be slipping away just as easily as it had come. Yoon Seol Ah, Jae Woo’s ex-wife and president of a major shoe company, is happy to see Na Bi brought down a few notches. But Na Bi’s new husband, Kim Jung Wook, a real estate developer, has to live with her overdramatic emotions. With her career waning, Na Bi has to move into the her in-law’s home, where celebrity grandstanding doesn’t carry much weight. Can Na Bi survive a life of obscure domesticity or is a star always a star? Woo-Jae and Na-Bi happen to sit next to each other at the opera. Because of this, a scandal erupts. Woo-Jae is embarrassed by the scandal. Meanwhile, Na-Bi learns that the lead female role for a movie she wanted is given to actress Ji-Yeon. Na-Bi is shocked & sadden by the news and begins to drink. She then drives her car and is caught for driving while intoxicated. Na-Bi then loses her ad model contract because of the arrest. She is now desperate and depressed. During this time, Seol-Ah gives a plane ticket to Na-Bi and tells her to take a trip. Later on the airplane, she finds a handsome man named Jung-Wook. “My Love, Madame Butterfly” is a 2012 South Korean drama series directed by Lee Chang Min.
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