The Palace

Season 1

The Palace - S01:E01
Richard, Prince of Wales is out clubbing when his father dies. He's driven to Buckingham Palace where he's met by his family, but is he ready to be King?
The Palace - S01:E02
Prince George and his PPO Ray, hit something in the road, but George drives on. He confides in PPO Pete Bayfield who finds the victim.
The Palace - S01:E03
Richard is faced with deciding the fate of George - his closest mate and the only person who really understands him.
The Palace - S01:E04
The press go for Abi saying she's the secret lover. But Eleanor directs the press to Miranda's door. Miranda offers to fall on her sword to Shaw.
The Palace - S01:E05
Eleanor presents Queen Charlotte with a controversial diamond necklace to wear during an Indian state visit.
The Palace - S01:E06
A break-in at Clarence house finds Natalie saving Princess Eleanor from the intruder, and a move into Buckingham Palace for the scheming Princess.
The Palace - S01:E07
Princess Isabelle attempts to take hold of her life by returning her HRH.
The Palace - S01:E08
Eleanor has known that Queen Charlotte had an affair a long time ago, could mean that Richard isn't actually the rightful King.