The Dick Cavett Show

Season 1

Rock Icons: July 18,1969 Janis Joplin
This broadcast came right in the middle of the recording sessions for Janis Joplin's first album with her new band the Kozmic Blues Band.
Rock Icons: August 19, 1969 Jefferson Airplane
The Jefferson Airplane perform "Somebody to Love" with David Crosby as well as the politically charged anthems "Volunteers" and "We Can Be Together."
Rock Icons: June 25, 1970 Janis Joplin
When Janis Joplin returned to the show nearly a year after her previous visit, she again came with a new band.
Rock Icons: July 13, 1970 Sly and the Family Stone
Sly and the Family Stone perform their #1 hit "Thank You (Falletinme Be Mice Elf Again)" followed by an interview that can best be described as odd.
Rock Icons: August 3, 1970 Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin's final appearance on the show came just two months before her death. Joplin performs "Half Moon" and "My Baby."
Rock Icons: August 11, 1970 Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder performs "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours" and "Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer."
Rock Icons: September 11, 1971 John Lennon and Yoko Ono
This interview was Lennon's first on American television since the breakup of The Beatles the year before.
Rock Icons: September 24, 1971 John Lennon and Yoko Ono
John and Yoko return to the show through the miracle of videotape with additional segments from their previous appearance.
Rock Icons: November 23, 1971 George Harrison
George Harrison shows a film clip of his performance of "Bangla Desh" from The Concert For Bangladesh, and plays guitar with Gary Wright and Wonderwheel.
Rock Icons: May 11, 1972 John Lennon and Yoko Ono
John and Yoko return to the Cavett stage and perform live.
Rock Icons: June 26,1972 Ray Charles
Ray Charles' first appearance on The Dick Cavett Show followed the release of his album A Message From The People, which had come out in April.
Rock Icons: January 26, 1973 Ray Charles
Ray's second appearance on The Dick Cavett Show. As promised during his first visit, Ray returns and is Cavett's only guest.
Rock Icons: July 9, 1973 Ray Charles
Ray's third and final visit is capped off by his third - and to some ears, mercifully final - duet with Cavett on "Am I Blue."
Rock Icons: September 5, 1974 Paul Simon
The last of Paul Simon's three appearances on the show is a magnificent showcase of musical performances. He opens the show with a solo rendition of "American Tune."
Rock Icons: December 5, 1974 David Bowie
A rare interview at the time for David Bowie, plus performances of "1984" and "Young Americans."
Rock Icons: October 4, 1991 Billy Joel
Dick Cavett interviews Billy Joel in Montauk for part one of a two part interview.
Rock Icon: October 5, 1991 Billy Joel pt 2
The conclusion of Billy Joel's interview with Dick Cavett in Montauk
Rock Icons: December 30,1970 Little Richard
Host Dick Cavett welcomes guests actress Rita Moreno, singer Little Richard, author-critic John Simon, screenwriter Robert Kaufman of "I Love My Wife" and ballerina Natalia Markorova.

Season 2

Comic Legends: September 5, 1969 Groucho Marx
Groucho Marx was a frequent guest on show and appeared on all off its various incarnations. This episode, in which he's the sole guest for the hour, marked his only appearance on the short-lived summer prime-time show.
Comic Legends: September 19, 1969 Woody Allen
For the final episode of the one-hour summer prime-time version of the show, Dick welcomes his close friend Woody Allen and legendary actress and screenwriter Ruth Gordon.
Comic Legends: April 6, 1970 Mel Brooks
Mel Brooks discusses his forthcoming film, The Twelve Chairs, and favors Cavett with what would best be described as an assortment of schtick - including a visit from the 2000 Year Old Man.
Comic Legends: May 25, 1971 Groucho Marx
Groucho holds court on numerous topics, even making a casual remark criticizing Richard Nixon that actually landed he 81-year-old legend on the fabled Nixon Enemies List.
Comic Legends: October 20,1971 Woody Allen
Woody shows clips from his directoial debut, Take the Money and Run, and the recently released Bananas.
Comic Legends: November 10, 1971 Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby's considerable talents are all on display in his 90-minute visit with Dick Cavett. Friends since their time together as stand-up comedians in New York's Greenwich Village, Cosby and Cavett reminisce about those days.
Comic Legends: December 15, 1971 George Burns
Recorded in Hollywood, this show features George Burns singing vaudeville numbers.
Comic Legends: October 4, 1972 Bob Hope
Bob Hope is the only guest for an entire show, and the relaxed setting and his affection for Dick result in a unique look at Hope's life and career.
Comic Legends: Janurary 27, 1973 Jerry Lewis
Jerry Lewis and Cavett discuss filmmaking, Jerry's former partner Dean Martin, and engage in a lengthy question and answer session with the studio audience.
Comic Legends: February 21, 1973 Jack Benny, Bill Cosby
Jack Benny was often known to break up just from the sight of certain performers. Bill Cosby was particularly funny on this night, and Benny is literally folded in half convulsed with laughter when Cosby tells a story about his jazz jamming.
Comic Legends: February 21, 1974 Carol Burnett
At the time of Carol Burnett's 90-minute interview with Dick Cavett, The Carol Burnett Show was in the middlel of a remarkable 11-year run. Burnett joins Cavett for two duets.
Comic Legends: March 7, 1974 Lucille Ball
Lucy talks about some of her favorite episodes of I Love Lucy and looks at a couple of classic clips from the show in addition to introducing a clip from her current film, Mame.
Comic Legends: May 16-17, 1979 Robin Williams
Over two nights Robin Williams was the sole guest on Cavett's PBS show.
Comic Legends: November 4, 1985 Eddie Murphy
Cavett interviews Eddie Murphy in this episode from 1985.
S02:E15 - Comic Legends: September 13, 1990 Richard Lewis
Dick Cavett interviews Richard Lewis, American comedian and actor.
S02:E16 - Comic Legends: January 3, 1991 Dennis Leary
Dick Cavett interviews Dennis Leary, comedian and former star actor of the show, Rescue Me.
S02:E17 - Comic Legends: November 23, 1991 Phil Hartman
Late Canadian-American SNL actor and comedian Phil Hartman, is a guest on this episode of The Dick Cavett Show.
S02:E18 - Comic Legends: March 13, 1992 Bobcat Goldthwait
Bobcat Goldthwait, actor, comedian, filmmaker and voice artist is interviewed by Dick Cavett.

Season 3

Hollywood Greats: July 27,1970 Orson Welles
Host Dick Cavett welcomes his only guest, actor-writer-director Orson Welles.
Hollywood Greats: November 10, 1970 Fred Astaire
Host Dick Cavett welcomes his only guest, legendary singer-dancer-actor Fred Astaire. Scenes from some of Fred's movies are shown and he sings songs which were highlights of his career.
Hollywood Greats: April 29th, 1971 Robert Mitchum
Host Dick Cavett welcomes his only guest, actor Robert Mitchum.
Hollywood Greats: June 29, 1971 Kirk Douglas
Host Dick Cavett welcomes his only guest, legendary actor Kirk Douglas.
Hollywood Greats: November 17, 1971 Bette Davis
Dick interviews legendary actress Bette Davis. The two-time Oscar winner reads a scene with Dick from Dark Victory and sings two songs.
Hollywood Greats: December 16, 1971 Groucho Marx
Host Dick Cavett welcomes guests actor-comedian Groucho Marx, actress Debbie Reynolds, comedian Dan Rowan and Erin Fleming.
Hollywood Greats: January 21, 1972 Mel Brooks and Frank Capra
Host Dick Cavett welcomes guests directors Mel Brooks, Frank Capra, Robert Altman and Peter Bogdanovich.
Hollywood Greats: February 21, 1972 John Huston
Host Dick Cavett welcomes legendary director John Huston.
Hollywood Greats: June 8, 1972 Alfred Hitchcock
Dick Cavett spends ninety minutes with legendary film director Alfred Hitchcock. Hitch discusses cinema, his life and career, and explains how he pulled off some ingenious special effects in his movies.
Hollywood Greats: June 12, 1973 Marlon Brando
Host Dick Cavett welcomes guests actor Marlon Brando, tribal leader Sam Cagey, Dr. Wallace Heath, Dennis Limberhand and Mervin Wright.
Hollywood Greats: October 2, 1973 Katherine Hepburn
Host Dick Cavett welcomes Academy Award winning actress Katharine Hepburn in part one of a two-part interview.
Hollywood Greats: October 3, 1973 Katherine Hepburn
Host Dick Cavett welcomes Academy Award winning actress Katharine Hepburn in part two of a two-part interview.
Hollywood Greats: July 1, 1981 Steven Spielberg
Dick Cavett welcomes acclaimed director Steven Spielberg in the first installment of a two-part interview.
Hollywood Greats: July 2, 1981 Steven Spielberg
Dick Cavett welcomes acclaimed director Steven Spielberg in the second installment of a two-part interview.
S03:E15 - The Dick Cavett Show Oscar Winners: December 20, 1969 Henry Fonda
Celebrated film and stage actor with a career spanning more than fifty decades, Henry Fonda is a guest on The Dick Cavett Show.
S03:E16 - The Dick Cavett Show Oscar Winners: March 13, 1970 Jane Fonda
Actress, writer, political activist and fashion model Jane Fonda, is interviewed by Dick Cavett.
S03:E17 - The Dick Cavett Show Oscar Winners: May 4, 1970 Paul Newman
Actor, director, philantropist, charitable activist and environmentalist Paul Newman, is a guest on this episode of The Dick Cavett Show.
S03:E18 - The Dick Cavett Show Oscar Winners: February 10, 1971 Sally Field
Dick Cavett interviews actress Sally Field, known for her role(s) in Forrest Gump, Gidget, Mrs. Doubtfire and more.

Season 4

Horror Icons: June 8, 1972 Alfred Hitchcock
The legendary film director discusses cinema, his life and career.
Horror Icons: May 17, 1978 Vincent Price
Dick Cavett interviews legendary horror icon Vincent Price.
Horror Icons: October 16, 1980 Stephen King Pt. 1
Part one of Dick Cavett's interview with best-selling horror author Stephen King.
Horror Icons: October 17, 1980 Stephen King Pt. 2
Part two of Dick Cavett's interview with best-selling horror author Stephen King.
Horror Icons: July 1, 1995 Janet Leigh
Cavett interview the iconic actress best known for her role in Psycho.

Season 5

Authors: March 6, 1978 Allen Ginsburg
Interview with famous American poet, Allen Ginsburg.
Authors: April 20, 1978 Truman Capote
Interview with accomplished author, screenwriter and actor Truman Capote. Known widely for his book, "Breakfast at Tiffany's".
Authors: May 19, 1979 Eudora Welty Pt. 1
Part one of an interview with author Eudora Welty, an American author of short stories and novels about the south.
Authors: May 20, 1979 Eudora Welty Pt. 2
Part two of interview with female author, Eudora Welty.
Authors: November 9, 1981 John Updike
Interview with author John Updike, creator of the famous "Rabbit" series.
Authors: October 25, 1989 Kurt Vonnegut
Interview with Slaughterhouse-Five author, Kurt Vonnegut.
Authors: February 7, 1992 Michael Crichton
Interview with American best-selling author, physician, producer, director and screenwriter, Michael Crichton.
S05:E08 - Authors Part 2: April 2, 1971 Anthony Burgess
Dick Cavett interviews author Anthony Burgess, known widely for his novel turned controversial film, A Clockwork Orange.
S05:E09 - Authors Part 2: September 19, 1989 Isaac Asimov Pt. 1
American author and professor Isaac Asimov, is interviewed by Dick Cavett. Asimov is a highly successful writer, best known for his works based on science and/or SciFi such as I,Robot and Foundation.
S05:E10 - Authors Part 2: September 20, 1989 Isaac Asimov Pt. 2
Part two of Dick Cavett's interview with I,Robot author, Isaac Asimov
S05:E11 - Authors Part 2: October 18, 1991 Norman Mailer Pt. 1
Norman Mailer, American novelist and recipient of two Pulitzer Prizes is Dick Cavett's guest.
S05:E12 - Authors Part 2: October 19, 1991 Norman Mailer Pt. 2
Part two of Dick Cavett's interview with late author and activist, Norman Mailer.
S05:E13 - Authors Part 2: June 3, 1992 Jay McInerney
Dick Cavett interviews American novelist Jay McInerney, whose works include Bright Lights, Big City, Story of My Life and more.
S05:E14 - Authors Part 2: July 16, 1995 Sidney Lumet
Dick Cavett interviews famous American director, producer and screenwriter Sidney Lumet.

Season 6

Athletes: September 16, 1969 Joe Namath
Dick Cavett interviews legendary former Jets player, Joe Namath, also known as "Broadway Joe". Known for victory in Super Bowl III as the Jets quarterback.
Athletes: April 9, 1970 Mickey Mantle
Mickey Mantle appears as a guest on the Dick Cavett show. Mickey Mantle was a team member of the New York Yankees, where he became a 7 time World Champion.
Athletes: May 25, 1991 Howard Cosell
Howard Cosell, a former American Sports Journalist, is Dick Cavett's guest for this episode.
Athletes: July 31, 1992 Tommy Lasorda
Dick Cavett interviews Tommy Lasorda, a former MLB player and sports manager. Associated with the Brooklyn Dodgers and LA Dodgers.
Athletes: September 24, 1992 Evander Holyfield
Dick Cavett interviews Evander Holyfield, a former professional boxer nicknamed, "The Real Deal", for his world champion titles in both the cruiserweight and heavyweight divisions.
Athletes: October 6, 1992 Rick Pitino
Rick Pitino, an American basketball coach, is interviewed by Dick Cavett.
Athletes: April 16,1993 George Foreman
Dick Cavett interviews former professional boxer, George Foreman. Foreman's accolades include being a two-time heavyweight champion and Olympic gold medalist.
Athletes: June 18, 1993 Bob Costas
Dick Cavett interviews Bob Costas, an American sportscaster for NBC Sports.
S06:E10 - Sports Icons: May 20, 1970 Muhammad Ali
Ali during his exile period, when he had his title stripped over his refusal to be inducted into the United States Army. Ali is doing his best to espouse the teachings of Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam, and Cavett is trying very hard to understand some of Ali's more difficult to comprehend diatribes.
S06:E11 - Sports Icons: March 15, 1971 Muhammad Ali
After the classic first Ali - Frazier fight, Ali came on the Cavett show with a very swollen face, but the fact is that the loser of the fight was able to appear on television while Frazier was still in the hospital. Ali was a surprisingly gracious loser after being defeated for the first time.
S06:E12 - Sports Icons: January 17, 1974 Muhammad Ali
When Ali and Frazier met for the second time they both had just been defeated. Frazier lost the title to George Foreman and Ali had suffered a broken jaw in a fight he lost to Ken Norton. So for their upcoming non-title fight they engaged in a little more publicity than usual and made this joint appearance on the Cavett show. Ali's win in the fight got him a shot at George Foreman, who he later defeated to win back the title.
S06:E13 - Sports Icons: March 7, 1978 Muhammad Ali
Ali visited Cavett's PBS show shortly after losing his title to Leon Spinks, and while preparing for the Spinks rematch in which he would win it back to become the only three time heavyweight champion in history. The insightful discussion includes Ali's assessment of the erosion of his boxing skills as he continued to fight in his late 30s.

Season 7

S07:E01 - Black History Month
American comedian and actor Redd Foxx, is interviewed by Dick Cavett.
S07:E02 - Black History Month
Dick Cavett interviews Shirley Chisholm, the first African-American woman elected to the US Congress.
S07:E03 - Black History Month
Notorious blues singer and guitarist, BB King is a guest on this episode of The Dick Cavett Show.
S07:E04 - Black History Month
Dick Cavett interviews the famous American entertainer, Sammy Davis Jr.
S07:E05 - Black History Month
Dick Cavett interviews author of The Color Purple, Alice Walker.
S07:E06 - Black History Month
The founding father of funk music, James Brown, is interviewed on The Dick Cavett Show.
S07:E07 - Black History Month
Dick Cavett interviews Quincy Jones, a man of many musical trades.
S07:E08 - Black History Month
Part 1 of Dick Cavett's interview with the legendary actor, James Earl Jones; known for his voice-over work in films such as Star Wars and The Lion King.
S07:E09 - Black History Month
Part 2 of Dick Cavett's interview with the legendary actor, James Earl Jones; known for his voice-over work in films such as Star Wars and The Lion King.

Season 8

S08:E01 - Politicians: September 9, 1969 Ralph Nader
Host Dick Cavett welcomes consumer advocate and politician, Ralph Nader as a guest.
S08:E02 - Politicians: May 7, 1971 John Kerry
John Kerry argues against the Vietnam war on this episode of The Dick Cavett Show.
S08:E03 - Poiticians: October 29, 1971 George Bush
Former President George Bush is a guest on The Dick Cavett Show.
S08:E04 - Politicians: December 17, 1971 Ronald Reagan
Dick Cavett interviews Ronald Reagan, the famed actor and politican before his days as President of the United States.
S08:E05 - Politicians: June 19, 1972 Edward "Ted" Kennedy
Politican and younger brother of John F. Kennedy, Edward "Ted" Kennedy appears as a guest with Dick Cavett.
S08:E06 - Politicians: January 4, 1982 Rudy Giuliani
Dick Cavett interviews Rudy Giuliani, former U.S. Attorney and Mayor of New York City.
S08:E07 - Politicians: July 20. 1992 Senator Paul Simon
Dick Cavett interviews late politician and member of the US House of Representatives, Paul Simon.
S08:E08 - Politicians: November 10, 1992 Alexander Haig Part 1
Dick Cavett interviews Alexander Haig, former White House Chief of Staff during the height of Watergate scandal and demise of Nixon's presidency.
S08:E09 - Politicians: November 11, 1992 Alexander Haig Part 2
Part two of Dick Cavett's interview with Alexander Haig.

Season 9

S09:E01 - Visionaries: February 11, 1971 Salvador Dali
Dick Cavett interviews prominent Spanish surrealist painter, Salvador Dali.
S09:E02 - Visionaries: June 28, 1971 Jacques Cousteau
Dick Cavett's guest is Jacques Cousteau. A man of many trades, Cousteau has history as a French naval officer, filmmaker, innovater and marine conservation pioneer.
S09:E03 - Visionaries: November 25, 1971 Jim Henson
Puppeteer Jim Henson, known for his creation Kermit the Frog, is interviewed by Dick Cavett.
S09:E04 - Visionaries: January 30, 1978 Charles Schulz
Dick Cavett interviews on of the most influential cartoonists of all time, Charles Schulz; best known for his work on the comic strip Peanuts.
S09:E05 - Visionaries: April 11, 1978 James Watson
Dick Cavett interviews American molecular biologist, James Watson. Watson was one of three men to receive a Nobel Prize for his part in the discovery of the molecular structure of nucleic acids and their importance.
S09:E06 - Visionaries: November 12, 1981 David Attenborough
English broadcaster and naturalist, best known for presenting the Life series, is Dick Cavett's guest on this episode of The Dick Cavett Show.
S09:E07 - Visionaries: September 20, 1991 Terry Gilliam
Dick Cavett interviews member of the Monty Python comedy troupe, Terry Gilliam.

Season 10

S10:E01 - Baseball Hall of Fame: June 18, 1970 Jim Bouton
Dick Cavett interviews the former MLB pitcher, who played for the New York Yankees, Seattle Pilots, Houston Astros and Atlanta Braves from 1962-1978.
S10:E02 - Baseball Hall of Fame : August 6, 1970 Denny Mclain
Denny McLain, known as a former MLB pitcher for the Detroit Tigers is Dick Cavett's guest.
S10:E03 - Baseball Hall of Fame: August 16, 1971 Bob Feller
The man of many nicknames and Cleveland Indian pitcher is interviewed on The Dick Cavett Show.
S10:E04 - Baseball Hall of Fame: January 26, 1972 Jackie Robinson
Dick Cavett interviews Jackie Robinson, the second baseman who became the first African American to play in the major leagues in the modern era.
S10:E05 - Baseball Hall of Fame: June 19, 1979 Mickey Mantle, Hank Aaron
New York Yankees player Mickey Mantle and famous retired right fielder Hank Aaron, are guests on this episode of The Dick Cavett Show.
S10:E06 - Baseball Hall of Fame: November 26, 1986 Keith Hernandez
Dick Cavett interviews the former MLB first baseman, known for his career with the St.Louis Cardinals and New York Mets.
S10:E07 - Baseball Hall of Fame: September 3, 1990 Joe Garagiola
The former MLB catcher is interviewed by Dick Cavett.
S10:E08 - Baseball Hall of Fame: April 13, 1991 Tommy John
Dick Cavett interviews the former MLB pitcher, whose 288 career victories rank as the seventh highest total among left-handers in MLB history.

Season 11

S11:E01 - Olympians: June 30, 1969 Joe Frazier
Dick Cavett hosts former Olympic gold medalist and undisputed heavyweight world champion boxer, Joe Frazier.
S11:E02 - Olympians: September 26, 1972 Munich Olympians
Host Dick Cavett welcomes guests Olympic Gold medalist wrestler Dan Gable, Olympic Gold medalist in relay Eddie Hart and sportscaster Jim McKay in an all-Olympics show.
S11:E03 - Olympians: February 20, 1979 Muhammad Ali & Olympic Serenaders
Guests on this episode of The Dick Cavett show are professional boxer, Muhammad Ali as well as the Olympic Serenaders.
S11:E04 - Olympians: April 18, 1979 Kurt Thomas
Dick Cavett invites former Gymnast, Kurt Thomas.
S11:E05 - Olympians: May 27, 1992 Peter Vidmar & Julianna Mcnamara
Dick Cavett hosts former gymnasts and Olympic medalists, Peter Vidmar and Julianne McNamara.

Season 12

S12:E01 - Directors: October 17, 1989 Lloyd Kaufman
Dick Cavett interviews director, producer, screenwriter and occasional actor, Lloyd Kaufman.
S12:E02 - Directors: August 7, 1980 Michael Moore
Dick Cavett interviews Michael Moore, a famed documentary filmmaker whose repertoir includes Farenheit 9/11 and Bowling for Columbine.
S12:E03 - Directors: August 23. 1991 Coen Brothers
Brothers and filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen are Dick Cavett's guest.
S12:E04 - Directors: January 18, 1992 Steven Soderbergh
Dick Cavett interviews the director behind the international film phenomenon, entitled Sex, Lies and Videotape.
S12:E05 - Directors: October 18, 1992 Paul Schrader
Dick Cavett interviews the director noted for his work on Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and more.
S12:E06 - Directors: July 8, 1995 Ron Howard Pt 1
Dick Cavett inerviews one of this generation's most popular directors, Ron Howard.
S12:E07 - Directors: July 9, 1995 Ron Howard Pt 2
Dick Cavett inerviews one of this generation's most popular directors, Ron Howard.
S12:E08 - Directors: October 14, 1995 William Friedkin
The Exorcist director is Dick Cavett's guest.
S12:E09 - Classic Directors: September 21, 1970 John Cassavetes
Dick Cavett inerviews the famous pioneer of cinéma vérité, John Cassavetes
S12:E10 - Classic Directors: August 2,1971 Ingmar Bergman
Dick cavett's guest is Ingmar Bergman, a Swedish director, writer and producer.
S12:E11 - Classic Directors: November 5, 1990 Robert Altman
Dick Cavett inerviews Robert Atlman. Famous for his highly stylized perspective, Altman is consistently ranked as one of the greatest and most influential filmmakers in history.
S12:E12 - Classic Directors: December 22, 1971 Roman Polanski
Known for films such as Rosemary's Baby and The Pianist, the French-Polish director, producer, writer, and actor is interviewed by Dick Cavett.
S12:E13 - Classic Directors: October 23, 1980 Jean-Luc Godard
Dick Cavett interviews Jean-Luc Godard, a French-Swiss director who identified with the 1960s "New Wave".
S12:E14 - Classic Directors: October 22, 1981 Akira Kurosawa
Dick Cavett interviews Akira Kurosawa, the filmmaker regardered as one of the most important and influential filmmakers in the history of cinema.
S12:E15 - Classic Directors: January 9, 1991 John Frankenheimer
John Frankenheimer, film director known for social dramas and action/suspense films, is interviewed by Dick Cavett.