Keys To The VIP

Season 2

Frank vs. Kyle
Frank "The Tank" squares off against Kyle aka Smiles at Wet Bar. Do you think you have the skill set to impress a woman? Watch these guys dance!
Eyal vs. Illya
Eyal "The Closer" takes on Illya "The Ill Kid" at Wet Bar. The art of seduction is not something every guy can master. These guys have some weapons in their arsenal but the question is do they know how to fire them? Find out on Keys to the VIP.
Max vs. Josh
Maximum Max takes on Josh "The Matador" at Mink Nightclub. If you thought impressing a girl in front of her friends was difficult, try separating her from her protective nest of females in the ultimate challenge to get the girl. These men will show you ho
Jason vs. Mike
Hot Body Jason takes on Mike "The Magician" at Mink Nightclub. Most men were taught that the first step to seduction was to buy woman drinks... but what if we flipped the script? Watch these players seduce women while have having drinks bought for them on
Rob vs. Justin Rego
Rob "aka Fromeo" takes on Justin "Rated R" Rego at Mink Nightclub. Every player has suffered from the sabotage of an obnoxious drunken friend who has swooped in and ruined your game. Find out how you can recover from such a disaster on this episode of Key
Kevin vs. Alex
Kevin "The Hammer" takes on Alex "aka Da Vinci" at Inside Nightclub. Watch the guys as they take a drinking game and turn it into the ultimate seduction tool only on Keys to the VIP.
Jay vs. Dustin
Party Boy Jay faces off against Dustin "aka Xerxes" at Body English. A lot of men say they are attracted to women who resemble their mothers. Watch these guys as they take that Freudian truth to a whole new level. Find out if it works on Keys to the VIP.
Pat vs. Steven
Down Pat takes on Steven "aka New York" at Mink Nightclub. Beauty and fashion are two of the most important things to a woman. Watch these competitors bring women down a peg to succeed on Keys to the VIP.
Keegan vs. Jonathan
Keegan "The Playboy" takes on Jonathan "The Stylist" at Body English Nightclub. Go big or go home! These player face impossible seduction challenges such as admitting to plastic surgery, going for a kiss and many more. Watch and learn how they turn tough
Christian vs. Jordan
Christian "The Keeper" takes on Jordan "The Joker" at My Cottage. Watch as a true-to-form 'nice guy' uses his genuine approach against a lying jock who seems irresistible to the ladies. Watch and learn as two very different players demonstrate polar-oppos
Mitch vs. Derek
Mitch "The Protg" takes on Derek "aka Cajun" at My Cottage. Being insulting won't get you very far but these guys show you how a little insult can go a long way. Watch these professionally trained "pick up artists demonstrate textbook game on Keys to th
Anthony s. Nick
Anthony "The Boy Wonder" takes on Nick "Dundee" at Mink Nightclub. Flattery won't get you everything but these guys show you that an insult will get you a whole lot! If you're a non-believer then watch this episode of Keys to the VIP.
Matt vs. Todd
Matt "aka Meatus" takes on Todd "The Natural" at Mink Nightclub. Trying to earn a woman's trust within a short time period would prove difficult for the average guy, but these players have it down to a science. Watch and learn how these players find great

Season 3

Will French vs. Thomas
Will French takes on "Soft Top" Thomas at The Docks Nightclub. If you thought insulting a woman's hair was bad then try insulting their fashion sense as well. These men will show you they can get away with pretty much anything and still get the girl right
Ajay vs. Julian
Ajay "The Arabian Knight" takes on Julian "The Bait" at Mink Nightclub. Watch a textbook-trained seduction artist compete against a self-proclaimed 'natural seducer'. It's experience vs. instinct in this educational episode of Keys to the VIP.
Bruno vs. Andrew
Bruno "Casanova" takes on Andrew "The Dungeon Master" at Wet Bar Nightclub. Sometimes it is hard to tell when to go in for the kiss but these men seem to have it down to an art form. Learn from their natural skills on this episode of Keys to the VIP
Crazy Joe Luca vs. Malcolm
Crazy Joe Luca takes on Malcolm "The Ex" at Sky Bar Nightclub. Ever found it difficult to explain a crazy ex to a new girl? How about trying to fend off your ex in front of your new target? These men were up for the challenge on Keys to the VIP.
S03:E05 - Mike vs. Isaac
Mike 'The Bailiff" takes on Isaac "The Mama's Boy" at Mink Nightclub. In another hilarious episode showcasing 'train wreck' game, watch and learn what not to do around women. See it here first on Keys to the VIP.
Matt vs. Mike
Matt "Punch Line" takes on Mike "The Spanish Fly" at Zu Bar Nightclub. Watch an out-of-shape stand up comedian compete against a sexy Spanish seducer. It's personality vs. sex appeal on this episode of Keys to the VIP.
Steve vs. Pierre
Steve "Sphinx" takes on Pierre "Biscuit" at Zu Bar Nightclub. For the first time ever, watch two professional Love Method 'approach coaches' compete toe-to-toe to demonstrate various textbook seduction skills on this episode of Keys to the VIP.
Evan vs. John
Evan "The Broski" takes on "Little" John at Zu Bar Nightclub. If your friends provided you with a crazy pick-up line that you had to use to seduce a woman, how would you recover from her reaction? Watch these guys as they try their best to recover from th
Claymax vs. Alexander
Claymax takes on Alexander "The Great" at Zu Bar Nightclub. If you have ever wanted to get back at an ex by making her jealous, try using another woman to do so, it could prove to be your most effective pick-up approach. Watch these players experiment wit
Peter vs. Blake
Peter "Piper" takes on Blake "The Chef" at Zu Bar Nightclub. Insulting a woman is not generally the best way to attract a woman but these men show you the proper way to do so... if there is such a thing. You won't believe your eyes on this episode of Keys
Marco vs. Thomas
Marko "The Serb" takes on Thomas "The Heff" at Zu Bar. If you thought you had what it takes to get a girls attention then think again. These men show you how it's really done on Keys to the VIP.
Ryan vs. James Jones
Rodeo Ryan takes on James "B-Boy Caution" Jones at Zu Bar. Have you ever lied to impress? Watch these men as they try to survive the ultimate challenge by pretending to share the exact same occupation as the women they approach. Find out how they succeed
Anthony "The Boy Wonder" takes on Eyal "The Closer" and Justin "Rated R Rego" takes on Mark Sparks at Zu Bar in this very special episode structured as an elimination tournament - only the winner of round one and the winner of round two compete in the thi