S01:E03 - Season 1, Episode 3
45 min
In this week's episode, three teams each comprising a terrible L-plater and an aggravated partner go all-out in a bid to win a shiny new car. This week's EP0sees them attempt an emergency-stop with terrifying results when they face an artificial avalanche which blocks the road ahead, and when our learners try to squeeze into the tiniest parking spots in a multi-storey car-park, disaster, mayhem and the sacrifice of several wing mirrors and door panels ensues. As usual, our Learner drivers endeavors are complicated by the fact that they are being taught to drive by their nearest and dearest. Ever since an embarrassing incident with a driving instructor Hairdressing mum Sara has been trying to teach darling daughter Jessica to drive -, but Sara is no disciplinarian and tensions run high. Meanwhile Mark and Donna must surely take the medal for the most shouty couple ever, despite having managed to produce 5 kids in between rows. Finally mild-mannered sweetie shop owner shocks gobby partner Amy when a hitherto un

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