S01:E05 - Season 1, Episode 5
46 min
In this weeks final episode, we've assembled 3 teams, each comprising of a dreadful learner and their long suffering partner, fed up of taxiing them around. We've given them just a weeks worth of practice at the hands of their frustrated partner, and they've attempted to master the basics of driving. They'll now go head to head to compete in 3 devilish driving challenges for the chance to win a brand new car. This week's EP0sees our learners attempt a Freak Weather Slalom', a Balloon Burst Limo' and of course the Ramp of Doom'.Team A are mother and daughter duo Susan and Lisa from Edinburgh. Team B are 22 year old Steven and his big sister Charlie from Manchester. And Team C provides us with the Lucy and Barry from Isleworth. After these 3 outrageous challenges, the team who have amassed the most fault points will be eliminated, but the remaining two will go head to head in a mock driving test in central London... for a chance to win the brand new car!

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