S01:E06 - Season 1, Episode 6
45 min
In this weeks final episode, we've assembled 3 teams, each comprising of a dreadful learner and their long suffering partner, fed up of taxiing them around. We've given them just a weeks worth of practice at the hands of their frustrated partner, and they've attempted to master the basics of driving. They'll now go head to head to compete in 3 devilish driving challenges for the chance to win a brand new car.This week's EP0sees our learners attempt aReverse Slalom'. Difficult enough you might think? well, they'll be completing it in a 25 foot Limousine!A Sunroof Soaking, featuring a tiny Fiat 126 and a huge tank of water! And of course the Ramp of Doom. Team A's Joy has held her provisional licence for 27 years and struggles to drive in anything other than a straight line, can long-distance lorry driving husband John guide he to safety or is he more confused than she is? In Team B, trainee teacher Joe throws caution to the wind and is hell bent on hitting everything in his path! (regardless of what girlfriend

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