S01:E13 - Search for Power Part One & Two
23 min
Lord Spite turns to Deceit for help in stopping our heroes from gaining the final sword in their quest for the Shattersoul Sword. Anna warns Quest that there is great evil magic in the air. She uses her sorceress power to activate the Ward Spell to protect Quest from evil magic. But Nestor doesn't listen. Because of his over exuberance, Nestor loses all of the swords to Lord Spite and finds himself captured. // It's up to Quest to rescue Nestor from Lord Spite who plans to activate the final sword, so he can gain the Shattersoul Sword and release Shadowseed. But only Nestor knows where to go to activate the hilt. He refuses to help until something is done about his terrible toothache. Lord Spite agrees to take him to the dentist. But Deceit uses the opportunity to betray Lord Spite and steal the sword hilts for herself. She makes them tiny and hides them inside Nestor's bad tooth. Unfortunately, along the way, the tooth is lost, along with the swords.

Season 1

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