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Today we meet our Top 10 spellers hanging out in the Spellers Room, playing games and choosing teams of two for today’s challenge. Besties Zoe and Ava have been together in every team challenge so far and are keen to extend their lucky streak – but they end up separate today as Ava and speed demon Zach end up on Team Red and Zoe is paired with her other gal pal Annie on Team Blue. Good mates Tristan and Max are excited to pair up (Team Pink); Zeke is teamed with Jessica (Team Yellow) and Luca & Hanna are together as Team Green. The Spellers enter the arena and see the huge Spell Gate glowing. Zach fist-pumps the air... it’s Speed Spell! More specifically, Speed Spell Duos - spelling in their teams of two. Each team will step in the Spell Gate, with each Speller taking turns to spell a word. They must spell as many words correctly as they can in 60 seconds. If a word is spelt incorrectly the Speller must step out of the spell gate, while the other teammate continues. Today the 3 top-scoring teams will be safe, and the two bottom ranked teams will battle it out in the final Spelling Bee today, where two Spellers will go home. Team Blue is up first, stepping into the Spell Gate. Zoe is rubbing her lucky necklace nervously. The girls are off to a flying start, speeding through with no mistakes. They set the bar high for today with 11 words in 58.57 seconds. Next is Team Green, feeling the pressure after Team Blue’s high score. Luca has a stumble on TRICEPS, but they too manage to finish without any incorrect words! However with 10 words in 57.93 seconds they are in second place on the leader board. Next is Team Pink, Tristan and Max. Last time in Speed Spell Max stuffed up, saying speed spelling is “not his forte”, he is really hoping not to stuff up again and let his mate Tristan down. The boys are off with a great start, until Max misspells SUCTION, and steps out of the Gate, disappointed with himself. Tristan brings it home for the duo, but they only manage 8 words in in 52.97 seconds, putting them at the bottom of the Leader board. They’re still in with a chance... Teams Red and Yellow need to score lower, for Team Pink to avoid Spelling Bee? Before spelling, Red Team’s speedster Zach shares his secret tips with the audience, he warms up his tongue with tongue twisters and giving us a speedy demo, “Peter Piper picked a pickled pepper...” The room erupts with laughter. Red just need above 10 words to be safe. They’re off! Everyone can’t stop giggling as Zach’s motor mouth spells so fast! Ava does her best to keep up, before stumbling on RAMSHACKLE. They get 11 words like Team Blue, in 59.08 seconds. So they are also safe! Now it is all down to the Team Yellow – will they get a higher score than Team Green or will they be joining Team Pink in the Spelling Bee? Zeke and Jessica set a cracking pace, until Jessica stalls asking for the word OFFICIAL to be repeated. Team Yellow get 10 words, like Team Green, but they just scrape into the Top 3 as they did it 56.27 seconds! So Team Green’s Luca and Hanna are joining Tristan and Max in the Spelling Bee.
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