S01:E15 - Season of Love
45 min
TSAU-SANG tells KA-WAI cheerfully that she has bought the tickets to Aegean Sea. She also learns about the story of the unreasonable woman. TSAU-SANG meets the blind old man again. This time, she assists him to go to Cultural Centre. KA-WAI’s mother SIU-MUI comes to Hong Kong. TSAU-SANG tries to please her in every ways and their relationship is improved. KA-WAI and TSAU-SANG’s boss shut down the salon. An old lady comes to give TSAU-SANG a painting. TSAU-SANG sells the painting and she uses the money to help opening a salon for KA-WAI. TSAU-SANG discovers KA-WAI and MAY coming out from the hourly hotel. She tells SAU-MAN about it sadly. SAU-MAN reveals that his wife has committed adultery as well. TSAU-SANG waits for KA-WAI at home to celebrate their 3rd wedding anniversary. However, she eventually leaves. KA-WAI returns home on the next morning and he discovers a letter from TSAU-SANG. Time flies. TSAU-SANG is eating a steak with salted fish flavor in a restaurant and she meets KA-WAI again…

Season 1