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Stealth Fighter

(2000)1h 27mR
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Ice T stars as Owen Turner, a naval pilot who faked his own death, only to later surface as the partner of a ruthless Latin American arms dealer (Andrew Divoff). Stealing a Stealth form a U.S.A.F base in the Philippines, Turner plots to use the weapon to target military installations around the world. But not if Ryan Mitchell (Costas Mandylor) and the U.S. government prevail with plans of their own. A top- notch naval reserve officer who has a history with Turner, Mitchell is recruited by the president of the United States to infiltrate the arms dealer's ranks and recover the stealth fighter weapon. When Mitchell's attempted recovery fails, he finds himself alone in the jungle with global safety depending upon his ability to survive. Now he must confront his fiercest rival in one-on-one combat, as the entire world awaits its fate...
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