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(2007)1h 25mR
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When Vincent King and his wife Mary Shelly agree to host a group of biology students on their remote tropical island it affords them with the opportunity to make the horror movie of their dreams. Quickly the students are hunted and murdered in the style of the classic horror films all while being filmed by Mary and Vincent from the dark shadows. As the students vanish one by bloody one, they stumble across a mystery that reveals they are the stars of a reality horror film and they’re all on the chopping block. Not wanting to settle for death as their only way off the island, the students set out to rewrite the ending of this terrifying snuff film with comedic results. Hack pays homage to the obscure horror classics like Nightmare Castle, Mondo Cane , Porcile and contemporary shockers like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hellraiser and Saw. The twists and turns will have you asking “Who’s next?”
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