A man deeply in debt hires two inept crooks to kidnap his wife and split the ransom money. The deal goes bad when the crooks kill a highway patrolman and 2 hapless bystanders, and ...
A young writer is forced to accept his mortality when he discovers he has a rare form of cancer. With help from his best friend and a caring young therapist he finds the courage to ...
Hotel Rwanda
The film chronicles the true story of Paul Rusesabinga (Don Cheadle), a brave hotel manager who risked his life and those of his family to take in more than 1,000 refugees during of ...
Charlie Bartlett
Charlie Bartlett (Anton Yelchin) is a cheeky, 21st Century Ferris Bueller. But instead of taking a day off, he works -- selling prescription drugs to the kids of his new high school ...
Jeff Who Lives At Home
Jeff (Jason Segel) is dispatched from his basement room by his mother and may find his destiny by spending the day with his brother (Ed Helms).
The Spirit
Revolutionary cartoonist Will Eisners middle-class crimefighter (Gabriel Macht) squares off against arch-villain The Octopus (Samuel L. Jackson) in director Frank Millers brooding ...
Starring Joseph Gordon Levitt, Natalie Portman and Rainn Wilson in a comedic, dark fairy tale about an eccentric, unhinged drifter who appears out of nowhere to help a struggling in ...
The Cold Light Of Day
Bruce Willis, Sigourney Weaver and Henry Cavill star in this pulse-pounding thriller about a man trying to save his kidnapped family.
Suspect Zero
An FBI agent, investigating the case of a murdered serial killer, finds himself on the trail of an avenging former agent who has dedicated himself to hunting down serial killers.
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