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Burning Bright
2010 Horror, Thriller, Drama
A woman and her autistic young brother are trapped in a bordered-up house during a hurricane, and must fight for their lives against a man-eating tiger that someone has released into the house.

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The Hitmen Diaries: Charlie Valentine
2010 action-crime
Mobster. Gunfighter. Womanizer. Charlie Valentine (Raymond J. Barry) is living a life of crime and is determined to score one last big payoff. However, when the perfect crime goes bad, Charlie flees to Los Angeles to get help from his estranged son, Danny (Michael Weatherly). Since Danny desires the power of his gangster father, he attempts to make his way up the ladder in the seedy underworld, pulling one heist after another. In this story of lies and betrayal, unexpected qualities in a cast of unsavory characters are revealed in the end.