S01:E05 - Night Of The Thingy

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Season 1

S01:E01 - Night Of Memotronic
Furry faces the full fury of the vampire Le Shoc when he is no longer recognized by his boss.
S01:E02 - Dark Night Of The Ejaculatron
Furry attempts to win tickets on Transylvania Radio and challenges a demon to a duel for his soul.
S01:E03 - Theres A Hell In Von Bucket
Furrys new pet demon Hannibal Von Bucket systematically harasses the station employees.
S01:E04 - Return Of The Living Night Shifts
Third-shidt workers wage war, Furry pens a script, and Dwayne Frankenstein receives a mysterious package.
S01:E05 - Night Of The Thingy
The Vampire Le Shoc proposes a new direction for the station.
S01:E06 - Real Meanin Of Halloween
A misfit band of monsters finds meaning in the most mystical holiday of the year.