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Jungle Dogs: Brazil's Hidden Hunters

54 min
In the thick Brazilian rain forest lives a shy and enigmatic creature, a secret even to local inhabitants - the bush dog. This film unfolds into a heart warming love story. Due to deforestation, Charles, a gregarious dog by nature, finds himself marooned on a patch of forest without a mate. A local conservationist befriends the lonely dog and decides to search for his perfect mate. Little is known of the private lives of the bush dogs. Biologist Dr. Cleyde Chieregatto had the rare chance to study and film bush dogs in the wild. Unfortunately her time with the dogs was cut short, as the whole pack became fatally ill with scabies. With this new chance for lonely Charles, Cleyde attempts a new experiment introducing Olivia, a female bred in captivity. Nobody knows how she will take to the wild or, more importantly, how the two dogs will take to each other!