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The Rain Makers

(2005)1h 37mR
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In 1973, Johnny Wingfoot wanted nothing more than to forget the Vietnam War and live the quiet life in the desert.  This dream of peace is shattered when Johnny is reluctantly drawn into a struggle between a neighboring hippy commune, a ruthless biker gang, and the crooked sheriff’s department, whose primary goal is to run the hippies off their land.With the aid of 6 others, Johnny comes to the rescue of this freedom preserve and sets out to protect the peaceniks from their adversaries.  As events unfold, the violence escalates into an all out war between Johnny's group and the biker gang, with the hippies caught in the middle.  To complicate matters, Johnny is forced to promise that he won’t kill anyone, even though his enemies have no such restrictions.  Now Johnny must use his wits, and Special Forces training just to survive.  In the tradition of Walking Tall, The Rain Makers is a story of a group of heroes that take a stand and fight for what's right.
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