(2013)1h 33mNR
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LEIGH (Vinessa Shaw) lives alone in an isolated house in the forest, protected from the world by electric gates and surveillance cameras. She has a unique power: every man who encounters her sees his ultimate fantasy, and falls uncontrollably in love with her. When the security system short-circuits, Leigh has a series of uninvited guests. KIP, a young boy, who sees Leigh as a lovely young girl his age. Kip’s father, CARL (Ross Partridge) comes to find the girl that bewitched his son, but instead meets a sexier version of Leigh - and he too falls in love immediately. Leigh rejects him, and Carl responds violently, but she manages to restrain him to the gate. Then, along comes GUY (Robert Kazinsky, a handsome drifter, and he - surprisingly - doesn’t fall madly in love. Leigh’s never had this reaction from anyone before - he’s apparently immune to her curse, so this could be her first chance at a real relationship. So she invites him to stay.
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