Beauty and the Beast

1 hr 29 min
This passionate and action-packed retelling of the much loved fairytale places the Beauty--a Viking princess named Freya--amidst the conflict and wars of the legendary Norse warriors. Though pursued by the power-hungry Sven, Freya pines for her lost love Agnar, who has been missing since his last raid. Freya travels with her father, the king, on a final grand adventure to the cursed island. Protected by Odin, the Beast is a fearsome opponent for the clansmen, many of whom find their deaths awaiting them when they arrive to shore. The King is taken prisoner, while cowardly Sven runs away and heads back to the village, where he opportunistically claims the throne for himself and demands Freya's hand in marriage. Unwilling to see Sven as her King or husband, Freya exchanges her own freedom for her father's, and finds herself under the captivity of the Beast. Alone on the cursed island, Freya realizes that something more lies beneath the surface.