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All Hallows' Eve

2016 · 1 hr 32 min
Thriller · Kids & Family · Adventure · Fantasy
A story book opens on the gateway to another world. For centuries, the Hallow family has passed down a legacy. In each new generation, one girl is chosen to receive a magic amulet on her 18th birthday. With it comes the power of a witch. On the dawn of her birthday, Eve Hallow is unaware of the fate that awaits her. Little does she realize the incredible ability and enormous responsibility with which she has been gifted. Her sister’s thoughtful birthday card and the special key her father gives her are the beginnings of an unforgettable adventure. Taking her key to the back of the old antique store that belongs to her father, Eve opens a chest that once belonged to her deceased mother. In it she finds a spell book and amulet. She is innately drawn to them and decides to explore their power. Enlisting the aid of her best friend Sarah, Eve attempts to discover the meaning of the spell book and decipher its spells. Things only get weirder when Eve’s faithful dog Barnaby transforms into a human, explaining that he’s her family’s guardian… and he’s here to help Eve learn to control her new powers. Unfortunately, Eve’s foray into learning magic isn’t entirely successful. When Eve learns of a spell that can summon her deceased mother back to life, her friends protest at the folly of using such powerful magic so soon. Disregarding their advice, Eve casts the spell anyway. But instead of the mother she sought, she instead accidentally summons an evil ancestor, Delayna— another witch who bears Eve no good will. When Delayna attempts to trick Eve into handing over her family’s magical amulet, Eve refuses... and Delayna vows to destroy her town in retaliation. Hoping to find Delayna in the mirrors in which she can hide, the three friends rush to a theater where a Halloween play is scheduled to run at midnight. They search diligently for her, but to no avail. Instead, Eve’s little sister finds Delayna and is tricked into joining her in the mirror. Delay’s dark magic follows Eve to a Halloween party, where Eve learns that Delayna has trapped her sister and will not return her unless Eve relinquishes the magic amulet. When Eve refuses, she and her friends flee the party to escape Delayna’s wrath, returning to the antique store for refuge. Eve attempts to summon her grandmother, whom she expects will be able to help her. Her grandmother assures her that the magic within Eve is strong, and the power she seeks is already her own. But when her own father becomes possessed and turns against her, Eve realizes that she needs to fight back against Delayna soon… before everyone she cares about falls under Delayna’s thrall. But how can Eve hope to defeat such an ancient and powerful nemesis? The odds only get worse when Delayna manages to steal Eve’s amulet, amplifying her power. Doubting herself and her abilities, Eve goes to battle against the greatest foe she has ever faced. But will the magic within her be enough to stop Delayna once and for all?
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