Marrying the Game

It was anything but love at first sight when Tiffney Cambridge first met Jayceon Taylor. A soft-spoken, straight-laced 5th grade history teacher, Tiffney wanted nothing to do with the rough-edged, uneducated young rapper pursuing her, and told him so. Within five months that young rapper would have a new name, The Game, and a skyrocketing career as Dr. Dre’s new mentee and member of 50 Cent’s G-Unit. But all the while, despite the accolades and newfound wealth, magazine covers and the top of the Billboard charts, Taylor never forgot the girl that turned him down. He redoubled his efforts, cleaned up his act, and finally convinced her to give him a chance. Two children and eight years later, Tiffney and The Game are about to take their fairy-tale relationship to the next level: they’re getting married. And we’re going along for the ride. On MARRIED TO THE GAME, viewers will be granted an insider’s look into this surprising and endearing couple’s life as they plan, prepare for and finally plunge into marriage. This couple’s life is like a non-stop roller coaster of emotions. From maintaining their relationship and “traditional” daily household duties, to taking care of their kids, King Justice and Cali Dream….all while balancing their own hectic careers with the pressures of planning a wedding. Not a day goes by when this imperfect but perfectly loving couple’s relationship isn’t put to the test. Life is crazy enough for The Game as a stay-at-home dad by day and hip-hop star by night. Now he’s expected to participate in multiple wedding planner meetings, engagement parties, finding a wedding cake, music and a guest list of musical royalty, as well as keeping his bride relaxed and the money rolling in. It’s all a bit much for someone who wanted no involvement in the planning in the first place and now his future bride is so wrapped up in wedding planning mode, she has started to neglect her man’s needs! With his thriving career bearing down on him and his casual approach to the wedding (Why can’t we have chicken wings at the wedding and what’s wrong with texting my invites to guests?) plus an unexpected four-day bender in France, leaves Tiffney questioning, “Is this the man she wants to marry?” Every episode of MARRIED TO THE GAME illustrates the differences between these disparate newlyweds-to-be…and the love that ultimately brings them together. Throughout, Tiffney juggles motherhood, not only with her own kids but the “homies” who still think their house is the crash pad all while planning the wedding of the century, while The Game does his best to balance babies and bottles with rhymes and the red carpet. With the wedding day getting closer, the question remains: Is Game ready to throw in the towel and settle down as a married man? Find out this season on…MARRIED TO THE GAME