Hens Behaving Badly

Every weekend nearly 125,000 British women celebrate their friend’s last night of singledom with a hen party. Filmed across the UK and abroad, from Nottingham to Newcastle, Amsterdam to Barcelona HENS BEHAVING BADLY is an observational documentary series that reveals crazy and chaotic hen nights as they've never been seen before. Forget bridezillas these are henzillas! Today’s brides-to-be expect their hen parties to be bigger, wilder and costlier than ever. A £250 million industry has emerged to fulfill their demands. From butlers in the buff and strippers to limo drivers and drag queens, the series meets some of the people cashing in on this booming industry. But a hen night is a milestone. Beyond the booze, inflatable penises and saucy sashes are brides-to-be whose big nights mean everything. The series features self-confessed control freaks, women fighting and falling out and hens hell-bent on going out with a bang! Normally what happens on tour stays on tour…But in HENS BEHAVING BADLY the fellas find out exactly what the girls got up to on their hen nights. What will they think when they see their blushing brides as they’ve never seen them before?