S01:E03 - A Tale of Two Dentists
22 min
Bob's business is booming, and when Margaret chips a tooth (Bob having inadvertently filled her bowl with dog biscuits instead of breakfast cereal.) Bob tells Margaret that he is unable to give her an appointment for sometime. Unexpectedly, a new young dentist, Dr. Stanway, opens up a swanky new practice across the street from Bob. Bob panics and threatens a dental fight to the last root canal; until Dr. Stanway pops over for a friendly visit. He manages to charm Bob, his receptionist Dorothy and Bobs patients, who desert Bob in droves for the air conditioned splendor of Dr. Steinways office. Even his faithful receptionist, Dorothy, leaves Bob for his new rival. If that was not enough, Bob spies a sheepish Margaret coming out of Dr. Stanway's office. Appalled, he rushes home to confront Margaret. An emotional tussle ensues with Bob effectively accusing Margaret of the worst infidelity. Furious, Margaret storms upstairs and locks herself in the low.Penny is hired to replace Dorothy and while trying to justify to Margaret this seemingly irrational choice, Bob spots Dr. Stanway being hustled out of his practice by a group of burly policemen. We learn that he is a fraud who has been putting his female patients under anesthetic, and molesting them. Margaret has obviously heard the news too. The last shot reveals Margaret laying unconscious on the floor.
Season 1
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