S01:E04 - A Night In
22 min
Bob and Margaret find themselves at loose ends one evening when, to their dismay, they find that there is absolutely nothing to watch on TV. Discussing, and swiftly dismissing, all forms of cultural activity, they get on to the omnipresent theme: do they or do not they want children. As a result, they decide to stay in with a romantic video, candle-lit pizza and.... After an embarrassing moment at the porno section of the video shop, they decide on a worthy epic. No sooner is the pizza delivered, than they get a call from Henry and Judy, asking them over for dinner. They are not able to say no and reluctantly change the evening plans. Bob, annoyed to have wasted the rental fee on the video, arrives with Margaret to a chaotic household of a screaming baby, overt breast-feeding, much burping and vomiting and smelly nappies. Dinner is served amongst the chaos and frank discussions about Judy's trying birth and baby Morris incessant bouts of colic. Bob and Margaret refuse an invitation to watch a video of Morris' birth. Margarets head swimming with thoughts of breached birth and spicy red spaghetti, finally faints, cutting the evening short.Back home, Margaret's headache is subsiding. Bob's romantic advances are rejected on the grounds that babies are maybe not such a good idea. Bob sets the alarm for 5 a.m. giving him enough time to view the video that has, after all, been paid for. Unfortunately he falls asleep in front of the TV. All is not lost however, as the dogs watch the movie with dewy eyes.
Season 1
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