S01:E08 - Pure Stock: Champion
33 min
Episode 8 of "Pure Stock" a reality series that follows the racing seasons of Pure Stock car racers in the heart of the Midwest at the Grundy County Motor Speedway in Morris, IL. Pure Stock, the newest division of stock car racing is for the absolute beginner. With a 4-cylinder junk car and a few hundred bucks, anyone can drive a race car and win. The drivers are preparing for the end of the season and the season is recapped. On the second to last night of racing, a group of bad boy drivers from Indiana show up at the race track. They trash talk DJ Werkmeister and challenge him. DJ is not happy about these drivers trying to hurt his chances at finishing a race and potentially taking him out. DJ Werkmeister does not win any of the races that night but it does not hurt his overall points since he finishes in the top 10. On to the last race night of the season, it is a competition between DJ Werkmeister and Cyle Lindemuth for the championship. For a break, a few drivers compete in a backwards race, just to win a pizza coupon. And there is only one official race of the night and DJ needs a clean run. During the first lap, Kris Koppers rams into the wall, and driver Jimmy Ellison follows and flips over. Kris fights with the drivers in the pits after the crash. The race starts again, and DJ pulls away from the pack but is feeling bad for Jimmy, so he let’s Jimmy’s team mate win the race and DJ comes in second. But DJ has the most points, and wins the overall championship.

Season 1