S01:E18 - Season 1, Episode 18
25 min
Ally isn't happy when she learns that Dan will be staying at her house for a few weeks. Even though she gets on okay with Dan these days, her main worry is about ensuring that the chatroom remains a secret. So relations between the two grow a little tense as Ally tries to make sure that Dan keeps his distance from things. Matters take a turn for the worse though when Dan is bitten by a red-bellied black snake while out on a trail ride with Jackie and Emma. The girls have no option but to use the chatroom to transport an unconscious Dan to Singapore to get the medical attention he needs. Realising that this almost certainly means the existence of the chatroom will be discovered, the girls also know that if Dan's life is to be saved then that's the price they'll have to pay. With the anti-venom administered just in time, Dan groggily wakes up to find himself in Jackie's bedroom. Looking at the strange buildings outside the window, Dan naturally starts to question his whereabouts. Jackie desperately tries to convince Dan that the skyscrapers he 'thinks' he can see are really an hallucination and that he's still really in the Australian bush. While Dan is still only half awake, there's a chance that he might actually believe Jackie. But there's also a chance that he might not.

Season 1

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