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S03:E30 - The Imperfect Storm
21 min
While Takato and the others continue their search for Rika, Guilmon picks up Calumon's scent. Meanwhile, Beelzemon, still searching for the Tamers, come across a bunch of Chrysalimon. Wanting to test his power, he destroys a number of them before the remaining ones digivolve into an Infermon thanks to an unintentional boost by Calumon. Beelzemon defeats the Infermon and absorbs its data, satisfied with his new-found strength. After an encounter with the Digi Gnomes, Rika and Calumon are reunited with the others. Things get bad though when Beelzemon shows up, ready to fight the Tamers. Then things get worse when the Juggernaut program starts up again, with Beelzemon retreating and Henry and Takato are blown into a data stream. Catsuramon then appears and kidnaps Calumon.
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