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S03:E03 - To Fight or Not to Fight
20 min
Whilst Takato panics at the concept of losing Guilmon so soon, Rika is irritated by the lack of data on the dinosaur, as well as Renamon's seeming inability to combat him. Fortunately for Takato, Henry and Terriermon (Tamers) stop the fight between Guilmon and Renamon. Takato and Henry talk things over and manage to find a new hiding place, but the next day, Guilmon and Renamon resume their fight, to Rika's joy and Takato's continued horror. Henry and Terriermon arrive, wanting to stop the battle. Terriermon inadvertently gets in the way of an attack. He digivolves into Gargomon, with some help from Calumon, but can't control his powers and almost hurts Rika, if not for Renamon and Guilmon's intervention.
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