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S04:E50 - End of the Line
21 min
All the kids are down in the train station after getting pummeled by Lucemon. Takuya gets ready to fight again, however, the others stop him because Lucemon was able to regenerate and they think it is hopeless. Takuya's spirit goes into the dumps and he gets very angry. Then, Agunimon appears out of the Digivice and helps Takuya gain the strength needed to accomplish his task. The other Legendary Spirits all fly out of the Digivices and help their respective Digidestined. Then Patamon, Salamon, and Lopmon go into a trance and the Three Guardian Angels appear in spirit form above them. They speak to the kids about how they are the last chance the Digital World has and that the future now lies in their hands again. The five kids use their Digivices and activate the Ancient Spirit Evolution. All five kids join together in Susanomon, the Warrior of Peace. They fly up and drag Lucemon away from the Human World just as he pierces the surface. Lucemon begins to breathe fire everywhere and the kids remember Cherubimon told them that Lucemon can't think coherently. Takuya thinks that it has something to do with the black orb so they fly towards it and see the Lucemon Larva.
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