S01:E02 - Season of Love
45 min
CHUN-FONG wakes CHUN-FUN up in the early morning for this is the first day she starts working for SZE SUN and she prepares Four Apps for Work for her as well. SZE SUN asks CHUN-FUN to help buying congee in a faraway location. In order to be on schedule, CHUN-FUN drives in full speed and the artist assistant MAN-KIT sprains his neck accidentally. CHUN-FUN takes up the responsibility by helping MAN-KIT to do his works. CHUN-FUN complains that she has no time to rest and SZE SUN allows her to stay in his place. CHUN-FUN plays tricks on SZE SUN and SZE SUN punishes her by asking her to act with him. CHUN-FUN indulges in the character too much that she almost kisses SZE SUN. YO YO fails to find her assistant and she asks SZE SUN to lend CHUN-FUN to her for buying coffee. YO YO seizes the chance to give CHUN-FUN a hard time. SZE SUN asks CHUN-FUN to drive him to the hospital and he reminds her not to pick up the phone. SZE SUN’s mother YEUNG CHUI-KING has hurt her leg and CHUN-FUN discovers another side of SZE SUN…

Season 1