S01:E05 - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
45 min
Knowing that YEUNG is not really confident in winning the contest, HO begins to worry about him. Too desperate to recover his military power, CHI plans to kill HO and put the blame on KOJIRO, thinking that it may be a good way to please Emperor MO CHUNG. Emperor MO CHUNG is very pleased about the victory in the chess competition, and agrees to put CHI back in charge of the military forces. Mama TSU asks CHEUNG to buy cosmetics for her but refuses to pay the money. HA upbraids TSU for what she did. TSU gets irked and begins to harbor deep resentment towards HA as a result. The Heads of Jewels, Attire, Food and Furnishings spot SIU-SHUN passing a golden necklace to LING. LING gets a severe telling-off from WAN for this reason. To vent her spleen and frustration, LING asks YI to cheer her up and to take her as his concubine. TSU overhears their conversation and goes to inform KWOK at once. KWOK not only humiliates CHENG at the Imperial Household Bureau but also gets LING punished. SIU-YUNG tries to kill herself but is discovered by HO. CHOI finds that SIU-YUNG has been borrowing heavily from eunuchs. Not wanting to alert KWOK, CHOI decides to have a word with CHI in private to look for a solution.

Season 1

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