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King Maker

S01:E28 - Episode 28

2012 · 45 min
Drama · Romance · Fantasy
Not only claiming that KWAI-SHING is the illegitimate son of the Empress and KWOK-CHU, TUNG CHIU also files a coercion charge against YU CHING for forcing Consort YEE and KWAI-YIN out of the palace so as to murder the two. He then takes credit for having KWAI-YIN rescued, but claiming that it was unfortunately too late for Consort WAI. With KWAI-YIN's affirmation on the issue, Consort WAI accuses YU CHING of killing KWAI-WO and Consort MAN. TUNG CHIU then proposes a paternity testing with KWAI-SHING, which is agreed to by the court officials. Under MING-HIN's monitoring, Imperial Physician CHU and others collect NING CHUNG's blood, mixing his and KWAI-SHING's blood drops into the water. However, the result is beyond their expectations.