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Men With Brooms

Paul Gross, Leslie Nielsen, and Molly Parker star in this wickedly cool comedy about four life-long friends on a hilarious quest for true love, macho bonding and big-time curling glory! Reunited by the last wishes of their recently deceased coach, four no-quite-together guys set out to win the local Superbowl of curling, an ancient, inscrutable sport involving large "stone," icy arenas and yes...MEN WITH BROOMS. Under the guidance of their befuddled new coach, the intrepid teammates fight their way to the big championship showdown, facing everything from jilted fiancees and murderous thugs to low sperm counts, amorous sisters of jilted fiancees and more. The side-spitting results is a comedy gem positively bristling with "on the button" laughter, romance and wit!
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