Hunted UK

Britain is one of the most-watched nations on earth. It’s estimated we have close to 6 million CCTV cameras, 1 for every 11 people. Our country has the world’s largest DNA database per capita and GCHQ is one of the most powerful intelligence agencies on the planet; everything from cash withdrawals to supermarket shopping, telephone calls, our internet history, texts, and social media posts can be monitored. HUNTED asks the question: If you had to disappear tomorrow with some of the world’s best-missing persons experts looking for you and the most cutting edge technology keeping tabs on your electronic footprint, could you just vanish? To find out, 14 ordinary Brits from a cross-section of British society become fugitives and go on the run. With just £450 in the bank, they must evade capture for 28 days. Hunting them down are some of the world’s best investigators selected from law enforcement, military intelligence, cyber analysis, online profiling, and human tracking. In charge of them is Brett Lovegrove, former Head of Counter-Terrorism for the City of London Police who led the City of London Police response to the 7/7 bombings and the foiled attacks two weeks later. Not a moment will be missed as our fugitives try to exist below the radar in modern day Britain. How they do this is up to them. Some will head for the hills, others will lay low on the streets, but with limited funds they will all have to think of ingenious ways to survive and remain undetected. Yet survival is possibly their easiest challenge. Marooned in society, cut off from family, friends and all electronic devices, the psychological impact of their venture will play out over the weeks as their sense of loneliness and paranoia intensifies during the experiment. Meanwhile, the ruthless hunters will employ any means possible to find their prey. They will have replicated for them the investigatory powers of the state at their disposal, allowing them to break into the fugitives’ homes, data-mine their electronic equipment, interrogate their family and friends and have access to their bank accounts and phone records. HUNTED is a real manhunt, a game of cat-and-mouse, captured 24 hours a day over four weeks, with full access to both sides of the pursuit, in order to make the first ever factual-thriller on British television.
Season 1