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Best Ed

S01:E26 - Help Want-Ed / Screaming Yee-Bees

2008 · 22 min
Comedy · Animation
Ed discovers the help wanted section of the newspaper. After finishing with the Sunday funny pages, Ed stumbles upon the ‘Help Wanted’ section of the newspaper. Believing that he has found his life calling, Ed decides to personally respond to each and every advertisement himself. Swellville then gets a super sized dose of Ed’s helping as he helps out any citizen in need. / Buddy must help Ed stay awake for 24 hours, but can’t tell Ed why. When Ed is diagnosed with a horrible sleeping sickness, Dr. Quacken recruits Buddy’s help. Buddy must keep Ed awake for 24 hours, to prevent the return of the illness – but Buddy cannot tell Ed why they must stay awake. Buddy tells Ed that they are trying to break the ‘Stay Awake Record’, and then proceeds to take him on an all night, cross town adventure.
Season 1