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This year the top 36 young spellers in Australia have come to compete in The Great Australian Spelling Bee. All 36 will be spelling for a place in the Top 18. Sadly at the end of the episode only 18 Spellers will be going through into Episode Two, the remaining 18 will be leaving the competition. The Top 36 are super excited and make their way to the studio, where they make a grand entrance and are welcomed by Grant to The Great Australian Spelling Bee! They then head backstage to the Spellers room and are put into 9 age based groups of 4. The 1st group up we meet are Luca – games whiz kid, Alistair who wants to be a lyricist, Max B who loves curling up with a good book, & Asha who has brought along her air force Dad, and she wants to be an astronaut. The first round of spelling bee, everyone spells correctly. The second round, Asha, spells her word - “SEAFARER”, incorrectly and is sadly out of the competition. Next round Max spells his word “GRANDEUR” incorrectly. Next up is Alistair, who also spells his word “EMOTICON” incorrectly. That means if Luca spells his word correctly- he moves into the Top 18. Luca spells “ENSEMBLE” correctly – so he’s safe and through to the TOP 18. Now its between Max & Alistair – 2 buddies fighting it out. Max spells “TACITURN” incorrectly. So if Alistair spells his next word correctly he will be through to the top 18. It’s time for Alistair to spell. His word is “UPHEAVAL”. He spells it correctly and is through to the Top 18 with Luca. Unfortunately for Max he is no longer in the competition. We see highlights of more kids going through to the Top 18. Next group is of 10-year-old girls and includes; Katelyn from NSW, Quinn B from SA, Zoe from Queensland, who is a huge rugby fan, and Ava who is known as the human dictionary. Zoe & Ava get spell their words correctly, Katelyn loses out on the word “INSOLVENCY” and goes home, but is a good sport about it. Quinn gets out on the word “AGGREGATE” and also goes home. That means Ava & Zoe move through to the Top 18. This sees the start of a beautiful friendship between Ava & Zoe that continues through the whole series. We see more highlights of kids going through to the Top 18 then we set up our final group for the day. With only 2 spots left in the Top 18, its a tense battle for our youngest spellers, Zachary who is a speed speller, Rory, a delightful talkative science nut, Joel who loves cricket & Quinn M who has dreadlocks & is a rhythmical speller. The first round, Zachary & Rory spell correctly, but Quinn loses out on the word “OBSOLETE” and is the first to go home. Then the 3 boys left go head to head for a titanic 8 rounds of spelling bee, until Joel loses out of the word “ABEYANCE”. That means Zachary & Rory go through to the Top 18. !!!! We have our Top 18!!
Season 1
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