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Having made it through to the Top 18, our spellers arrive to the arena and find that it has been transformed into... Space! Planets, stars and a Mars Rover captivate the spellers. Chrissie is there – but where’s Grant? All is revealed when a moon buggy lurches forward, with Grant on board disguised as an astronaut. Grant sheds his space suit to tell the spellers that the challenge today is Show and Spell, with Space as the theme, and that the spellers are to compete in three teams of six. The teams are randomly picked with spellers divided into Red, Blue or Yellow, and then it’s on with Show and Spell. In this challenge the first letter, the number of letters and part of speech is given. A member from each team comes forward to try and identify the word from the clues, and if the word is identified and spelt correctly, verified by The Pronouncer, a point is awarded to that team. The challenge recommences with a new word and the next team member. The first two teams to get three points are safe with the bottom ranked team heading into the Spelling Bee, where two of six spellers will be going home. Zeke gets the Blue team off to a good start when he identifies and spells Constellation, then Max follows up with Astrophysics. Blue is on two points, only one point away from avoiding the Spelling Bee. Will gets Meteorite for Red and Ava gets Yellow on the board with Intergalactic. Zoe (Yellow) guesses Celestial as the next word, but she’s incorrect. Josie identifies it as Cosmonaut, taking Blue to three points and safety! Team Blue will not have to spell again today and are safely into the Top 16. Now, it’s Red versus Yellow. Beau gets Trajectory for Red; Arya counters with Syzygy for Yellow. The score is tied at two each. The next correct answer will avoid the Spelling Bee. Tristan just beats Faiza to the buzzer to get Satellite – he spells it correctly and Red are safely through to the Top 16. The Yellow team of Ava, Zoe, Arya, Hanna, Faiza and Luca must now face off in the Spelling Bee, and two spellers will be going home. Ava is first up and spells Decibel correctly. Hanna is next with Epicure; Faiza spells Inertia; Zoe gets Lantana; Arya spells Opacity and Luca finishes off Round One by spelling Rapport. Round Two continues until Faiza spells Audacity incorrectly – should two of Zoe, Arya and Luca spell their words correctly, Faiza is gone. Zoe spells Modifier then Arya gets Filament and it is all over for Faiza, who leaves happy that she has made a lot of friends. The Spelling Bee continues, with one more Speller to go home... Ava, Hanna and Zoe spell Excerpt, Camphor and Panacea before Arya gets Chiffon, an unfamiliar word. She guesses it starts with an S – incorrect. When Luca spells Augment correctly, Arya must leave the competition. Her father is very proud since her first language was Hindi. The remaining Spellers join the others – and all rejoice that they have survived the week and are now in the Top 16!
Season 1
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