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Tonight on THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN SPELLING BEE, the penultimate episode: The Grand Final Decider! Of the TOP 5 spellers who have gotten this far, which four spellers will make it through to the Grand Final for 2016? As TRISTAN says, “we are at the business end” of the competition... the words are getting harder and the spellers left are the cream of the crop. Today, one speller will be leaving the competition and the spellers all feel sad, as they have grown so close. Last week, AVA’s best mate ZOE left the competition... she is really missing her and says she is going to spell her way to the Grand Final for her today. As the only two girls left, AVA and ANNIE are happy to have each other. The spellers race into the Arena full of excitement to see the familiar SPELL GATE. ZACH waves his fists in the air yelling “Yes! Yes!” - this is his favourite challenge! His speed spell record when practicing at home is 20 words in a minute. Will ZACH break his own speed record today? And can he maintain his clean slate of never spelling a word incorrectly in the entire competition? GRANT announces that the Challenge today is “SPEED SPELL SHOWDOWN”. For the first time they will be spelling as individuals in the SPELL GATE. TRISTAN is nervous as he thinks it will be harder without any team members to spell with. Expectations for ZACH are high, as the resident Speed Demon has no one to hold him back... Each speller has 60 seconds to spell as many words as they can. If they get a word incorrect, it’s time-up and game over. The top speller in this challenge wins the golden ticket straight through to the Grand Final... the remaining four will battle it out in the final Spelling Bee - their last chance to make it into the Grand Final. ANNIE is first up in the Spell Gate, and flies through her words. The other spellers watch in awe and worry she is setting the bar very high for them all. After a mind-blank on REGIONAL, ANNIE pulls herself together and gets 11 words in 54.07 seconds. Next up is hesitant TRISTAN, who is super focused. Surprising everyone, including himself, he races through and gets 11 words correct, exactly what he thought as he was counting at the same time he was spelling! TRISTAN’s time is 59.32 seconds, several seconds slower than ANNIE’s, so TRISTAN will head into his fourth final Spelling Bee in a row. ZEKE is aiming to knock ANNIE’s score out of the top spot, and in the SPELL GATE he amps up his speed while remaining ever-cool. He mows through the words and also manages to count how many words he gets correct - 12 words in 59.44 seconds! This puts ZEKE at the top of the Leaderboard and he is over the moon! With ZEKE now ahead of ANNIE she too will be joining TRISTAN in the Spelling Bee. All eyes are now on Speed Demon ZACH, including his dad in the audience who has told him not to go too fast today. There is only one speller who will go straight through to the Grand Final, and everyone thinks it will be ZACH. ZACH starts with his signature laser speed, on track to set a new record, until he slips up on SUBURBIA, spelling it SURBURBIA. The shock echoes through the Arena as ZACH and the crowd are crestfallen. This is the first word he has gotten wrong the entire competition. A disappointed ZACH steps out of the SPELL GATE, and tells GRANT he thinks he actually spelt too fast and he should have listened to his parents after all! Despite getting an unbelievable 10 words in 38.88 seconds, ZACH will be joining TRISTAN and ANNIE in the final Spelling Bee. AVA is the final Speller in the Speed Gate... can she beat ZEKE’s Top score of 12 and be safe? It is all down to her. AVA rips through her words as ZEKE nervously counts them on his hands. GRANT says she has ‘supersonic speed’. AVA gets 13 words in 57.32 seconds and beats ZEKE to be the lucky speller heading straight through to the Grand Final while ZEKE will join the others, spelling for his place in the Grand Final.
Season 1
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