S01:E11 - Episode 11
55 min
The Grand Final is just one day away and we have just eight spellers remaining. Eight year old Harpita is the youngest. At 12, Harrison is our oldest competitor. Six spellers will go through to the grand final. Grant announces that there will be three challenges today with the two winners of each challenge going into the grand final. The first challenge is “Show and Spell”. A buzzing sound fills the studio and a few moments later bee piñatas fall from the ceiling. There are letters inside the piñatas that our spellers will retrieve with a traditional thwack. The first two spellers to reach two points will earn a place in the grand final. Harpita is the first to hit a piñata. She gets the letter N. There’s no category this week so listening to the clues is more important than ever. Harrison and Anirudh buzz in but they are wrong. Mica guesses and spells the word necessitate correctly. Amelia is next up. Her piñata contains the letter F. Anirudh once again buzzes in too early. Mica guesses and spells the word fortuitous correctly and becomes the first spellers through to the grand final. Anirudh retrieves the letter A. This time Marko wins a point when he correctly guesses and spells aerodynamic. Harrison gets the letter P. He buzzes in far too early again. Amelia takes advantage of his mistake and correctly spells and guesses the word portfolio. Peyton’s piñata contains the letter T. Annirudh correctly guesses and spells therapeutic. Three spellers – Amelia, Anirudh and Marko - are just one point away from a grand final spot. Grace whacks her piñata and comes up with the letter S. As soon as the announcer says the word is of German origin, Peyton buzzes in and incorrectly guesses schnitzel. Amelia waits until she knows that the word is a breed of dog. She correctly guesses schnauzer but she is unable to spell the word. Anirudh wins the battle of the buzzers. Be he too spells the word incorrectly. Marko then buzzes in. He spells the word correctly to become our second grand finalist. The next challenge is “Letter by Letter”. Contestants play two rounds. They must spell a word one letter at a time. When they make a mistake, they’re out of the game. The last speller standing goes into the grand final. Harrison edges out Harpita in the first round. In the second round, Harpita is again the runner up. This time Anirudh is the winner. Annirudh and Harrison are through to the grand final. There are just two spots remaining and they will be decided in a traditional spelling bee. Our spellers are Amelia, Peyton, Grace and Harpita. Peyton is the first to be eliminated when she misspells acrimony in round 4. Amelia is next to slip up in round 7 when she misspells susceptible. Grace has already spelled her seventh round word correctly so she’s straight into the grand final. Harpita will join her if she can correctly spell bruschetta. She succeeds and our two youngest spellers clinch the last two grand final places.
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