S01:E10 - Episode 10
55 min
It’s the Grand Final and just four spellers remain. ANNIE, AVA, TRISTAN and ZACHARY are about to compete in the final two challenges to find out who will become the Great Australian Spelling Bee Champion for 2016. The top 4 run out onto the stage and are greeted by the top 18 who have returned to support their mates. Massive applause and high five’s for everyone! Grant reflects on the last 10 weeks ... 36 spellers arrived at the start, but today, only one will be crowned The Great Australian Spelling Bee champion for 2016. Grant tells the top 4 that their first challenge, Letter by Letter Knockout, is a challenge they have not yet faced. Over three rounds, each speller will contribute one letter to the spelling of a word. If a speller gets the letter wrong, they are out of the round. The last speller standing in each round will be safe, and will compete in the ultimate Spelling Bee ... and for the first time in the competition that’s exactly where the spellers want to be. This Spelling Bee won’t decide who’s going home, but will determine who will be crowned The Great Australian Spelling Bee champion for 2016. GRANT reveals the prizes for the RUNNERS UP – ZACHARY lights up when he hears that it’s a Lenovo tablet and $10, 000 prize money for their future education. After 2 rounds of Letter by Letter, ANNIE and ZACHARY are through to the Ultimate Spelling Bee, leaving TRISTAN and AVA to fight it out. AVA is left struggling to spell INTELLIGIBILITY and says the letter A instead of an I, resulting in her departure from the competition. She holds her head up high and is very proud of herself for getting so far in the competition. The top 3, ANNIE, TRISTAN and ZACHARY, now face off against each other in The Ultimate Spelling Bee, where the last one standing, will take home the trophy! After 6 intense rounds of Spelling Bee, ANNIE spells the word MENAGERIE incorrectly, leaving her future in the competition in the hands of ZACHARY. If he spells his next word correctly, she is out of the competition. ZACHARY has to spell the word ANCILLARY, which he seems to struggle with, debating whether it’s an E or an A. Luckily for ZACHARY, but unlucky for ANNIE, he spells it correctly! Sadly, it is ANNIE’s time to leave the competition. Now, two best friends, ZACHARY and TRISTAN are left ... to face off for the ultimate prize. Both TRISTAN and ZACHARY are on fire, spelling every word correctly, racing through every round. Finally, round 9, ZACHARY is dealt with a word that he has not heard of before, IMPRESARIO. He gets the word wrong by spelling it with a C instead of an S, leaving it all up to TRISTAN, who needs to get his next word correct to become the winner, and take home the trophy that he so desperately wants to put in his room. The word is CENTRIFUGE and after TRISTAN spells it there is a sense of uncertainty and an enormous amount of suspense. Finally, the pronouncer says “correct”. TRISTAN takes home the title off The Great Australian Spelling Bee champion! Receiving a whopping $50,000, a Lenovo Yoga tablet and the ultimate Spelling Bee trophy. Tristan is beside himself and can’t contain his excitement. GRANT praises ZACHARY – he is one of the top two spellers in the country. ZACHARY says that he is glad he has a friend like TRISTAN and that he deserves the title. SIGID (TRISTANS dad) and the top 18 spellers come out on to the stage and celebrate TRISTANS win.
Season 1
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